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Anyone's DC done the Guildhall kindergarten strings programme? Would love some feedback

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Bitzer Wed 17-Jul-13 19:44:22

that's v helpful thanks - have turned down the place because she's enjoying suzuki (well, most of the time) and anything else at this age felt like too much. Will look out for junior conservatoires when the time comes...

Moominmammacat Wed 17-Jul-13 08:02:54

Mine went to junior conservatoires but not until they were 14. I'd say fine if you live near and are doing it instead of Suzuki but not both. I'm sure it is very good but the time/travel commitment, unless you live in the Barbican, is quite significant.

Bitzer Mon 15-Jul-13 10:41:17

Tried the music area but didn't get any response so trying here: When DD1 was tiny I put her name down for guildhall kindergarten but was told she was about 1,000th on the waiting list so I sort of forgot about it. She's now 5.5 and heading into year 1 in September. I've had a call to say that she's now got a place on the kindergarten course but as she's already been doing suzuki for a year and a half I'm not sure if it would be overkill on the music front? Also slightly scared by the price (£540 per year) and the fact that they have to get permission in advance to miss any rehearsals. But, saying all that, it's obviously a v popular course and there must be a reason for that so reluctant to give up the place.

Anyone have any experience of this? Would love some feedback.

Thanks v much

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