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drum lessons for 5 year old - silly idea?

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Bluestocking Sat 13-Jul-13 12:28:56

It's a great idea. My DS started playing the drums at seven but it would have been fine for him to start younger. Drumkit is fantastic for co-ordination - they are very quickly playing different things with each foot and each hand - and confidence! But if he gets keen you will need a kit at home. We have an electronic one which a friend lent us - we don't have the space or the isolation for a real kit!

umbrellasinthesun Sat 13-Jul-13 11:04:50

thank you. Am totally non-musical myself and have never played an instrument so had no idea!
Glad it isn't such a silly idea. Thank you for taking time to reply.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 13-Jul-13 10:33:56

When I de you thread title I though exactly what hardboiled wrote.

I agree - a great idea, def not too early.

hardboiled Sat 13-Jul-13 10:22:54

No. It's not too early. It's a great thing to do and helps their coordination.

umbrellasinthesun Sat 13-Jul-13 08:51:12

My DS is nearly 5 and will be starting year 1 in September.
School offer lunchtime drum lessons, by arrangement, I think individually. Is 5 too young to start?

The reason I am look at it is because although small, quite shy and one of youngest in year he his switched on and v able with reading and maths so think will be treading water a lot in year 1 from what I understand. So I wanted him to have something else to stimulate him more in other ways.

Is just turned 5 too young to start drum lessons?
There are no other instruments listed!

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