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Music courses for pre schoolers east Surrey

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Sutherlandgirl Tue 02-Jul-13 14:17:51

Brilliant! Thanks so much.

apatchylass Tue 02-Jul-13 13:53:24

Found it. It's called Musical Bumps. Imho, it was a bit more structured and educational that some of the pre-school stuff around, but obviously that depends on whether they are running separate toddler classes. the baby classes aren't so detailed. The company was set up by a woman who really knows her stuff, so you could look for other franchises as I think she trains her leaders to introduce rhythm and basic notation.

apatchylass Tue 02-Jul-13 13:45:50

Yes loads. We're in East surrey and can't move for them.

Try Monkey Music, Dolphin Music, Caterpillar Music. When DC wewre small I used a brilliant company - which, just as you describe, taught a bit of very basic sight reading and instrumental use. They had a franchise in Kingston on Thames if that's near enough. Can't search on this laptop whilst posting and can't remember its name but if I do I'll pass it on.

Sutherlandgirl Mon 01-Jul-13 22:02:02

DS is 3.4 and loves music - all sorts really, from classical to hip hop. He is really fascinated by the band at our church and especially seems interested in the guitar and drums. He loves listening to the lyrics too and singing along.

I would love to find a small music "class" for him where he can try different instruments and start to learn a bit about notes and rhythm - something more grown up than say Jo jingles, but not full on music lessons.

Ive tried searching the internet, but not much has cone up. Do such classes exist for pre schoolers and does anyone have any recommendations? I can play and read music but having your mum teach you isn't generally great is it?!


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