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How hard is it to pass grade 1 violin?

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quip Thu 16-May-13 22:04:58

7yo ds jas been playing for a couple of years now. His pieces are okay, but he can be a bit sloppy with his bow and touch the next door strring sometimes. His rhythm is good and intonation mostly good although he can go haywire doing g major scale in the second octave. What I want to know is how high the bar is and how lenient the examiners are at this grade. I play woodwind myself and strings seem so hard im comparison.

Any tips?

boogiewoogie Thu 16-May-13 23:24:02

Have a look at the marking criteria on the ABRSM site if that is the board your child is taking. I think it can also depend which examiner you have on the day, They may mark generously seeing that he's a child.

I took grade 1 violin many many years ago and was so nervous and didn't know whether I was playing the correct scale or arpeggio at times and I still passed comfortably albeit not with merit. I think it's quite rare to fail grade 1 tbh but there is another thread about violin grade 1 failure somewhere on this topic.

morethanpotatoprints Mon 20-May-13 16:38:21

My dd is due to take gr3 soon, didn't do gr1 but we thought the same with gr2. That maybe the examiner would be more generous was probably asking for an unfair advantage as where would you stop. A more mature person who was nervous?
We have found them to be very friendly to little ones and they put their mind at ease.
I would definitely make sure your ds knows what to expect in the exam. I know teachers do this but sometimes the child thinks they understand until the exam arrives. I really do think preparation is the key, obviously as well as being proficient in what you will be examined on.
I would second looking at the boards website, it will go into detail about what to expect.

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