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Cello 1/10 size

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grassroots Wed 27-Feb-13 14:52:03

Hi there. Does anyone possibly have a 1/10 size Cello they could lend us, for about 6 months? Our Music Service is not able to supply a hire instrument and we are a bit stuck. When he grows into a 1/8 size, he will be able to request a hire, but for now we are in limbo. Thanks very much.

BassBags Fri 03-May-13 16:10:35

If it's not too late, we specialise in cello hire including small sizes from 1/10 upwards. If you still need a 1/10 size cello you can visit our cello hire page here: Cello Hire for details.

Our service is ideal for young growing cellists as we will exchange our hire cellos for the correct size as your child grows.

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