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A new skill boosting activity for children?

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MrsMushroom Tue 26-Feb-13 22:29:12

Theatre and drama offer a more hands-on experience. Also, they're more fun. Children who attend drama clubs will learn to recite poetry too and often they are entered into speaking competitions anyway.

Public speaking has it's place...for debate when they are older and of course in interviews and presentations...but these skills don't need a special product or service.

they can be picked up in drama classes or in the classroom in school where children are encouraged to give presentations.

I see this is your first post...did you just wonder what the people of MN thought about the site? Or was it something else that brought you here?

Markyy5 Tue 26-Feb-13 14:35:02


I came across this site via Twitter: offering products and services to boost children's public speaking skills.

I'm intrigued and thinking of getting my kids involved but want to know what other parents think.

Is public speaking important for children and their future, or am I better off enrolling them in a theatre/drama club to improve their communication skills etc?

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