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How much did it cost you to teach your child to swim

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LaGuerta Tue 26-Feb-13 12:17:34

£10 per 30 mins here too. I have chosen not to calculate the total cost as mine are just starting out.

I see it as an investment though. Their Dad is a non swimmer and I am determined that they won't be as limited as he is by not being able to swim. By extension me too. It really limited some holidays I wanted to do pre kids. Gulet cruising doesn't sound so great if you can't swim.

sherbetpips Tue 26-Feb-13 12:16:52

I am in the northwest and we pay about £50 per term. V good teacher and the classes are held at a private school. I am not sure when to stop though, his style is good but his breastroke is still a bit dodgy so might wait until that is resolved. Have probably spent about £300 so far.

squiddle Tue 26-Feb-13 12:14:44

A lot more than I expected. The classes are really good - 1 teacher per 3 children; teachers in water rather than at the side. They cost £100 a term (approx 10 lessons). DD1 did them for 2.5 years (7 terms, plus did some summer intensives as well). So that is approx £800. She is a good swimmer now, but not brilliant still. She'll be going back when the weather warms up.

I am a rubbish swimmer and hate going to the pool, so it is worth it to me.

therontheron Tue 26-Feb-13 12:12:23

I pay £10 per half hour. My DC move up one sublevel per term and there are 12 sublevels to get through in the scheme they are doing.

I was just adding up how much I've sent so far and how much more there is to go given the rate of progress.

£10 per half hour lesson, 10 lessons per term, 12 terms = £1200 (yikes!) per child

For me that's expensive, but the teacher is good so this isn't a complaint against the teacher. I am just surprised at how much it all adds up to.

The swimming teacher was explaining to me that the Amateur Swimming Association encourages all four strokes to be taught simultaneously because parents were stopping the lessons once their children could do one or two strokes. So basically there isn't an option of paying for breast stroke to be taught and then deciding if you want to pay for front crawl or butterfly next.

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