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Cello exam

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Happypiglet Thu 07-Feb-13 09:06:38

DS1 learns cello at school. I believe he is working toward Grade 1. The teacher has written in his practise book asking me to buy a certain book 'for the grade'.
When I look an ABRSM site that book is not listed as one with set pieces in.
Are there other Boards that he might be using.
The book he has asked me to buy is Norton Microjazz for cello.
I could wait until next week and write a note for the teacher but then if it is the right book he will miss out on a teaching week with the new piece IYSWIM
Any help from cello experts greatly appreciated.
My DS said that the little book he was using to look up the pieces ( I assume the syllabus) w as dated 2009 and had a close up of a cello on if that helps!

Katisha Thu 07-Feb-13 09:25:04

I don't think ABRSM publish books with all the exam pieces collected together for cello - they do for violin and piano but not cello. So you end up having to buy two or three separate books. I would double check with the teacher - a week won't set him back - they can always do scales or aural tests or something in the lesson.
The only other board the teacher might use is Trinity but I imagine the same would apply in terms of having to buy the pieces separately.

Happypiglet Thu 07-Feb-13 09:35:47

Thank you. I have looked at the pieces on the ABRSM syllabus and it lists the books they are in....maybe one is in this book too. I will put a note in the practise book.
I thought the ABRSM syllabus ran from 2010 so I am just a little worried he is using an out of date one!

LilyBolero Thu 07-Feb-13 09:41:45

Looks like they are working off the Trinity syllabus, there are a few Christopher Norton pieces on the Grade 1 cello syllabus there.

Happypiglet Thu 07-Feb-13 09:57:53

Ah that now makes sense....we already have Cello Time Runners and he has obviously been learning those pieces already without me knowing!!!
Thanks so much.

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