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Electric guitar

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rockinhippy Wed 06-Feb-13 23:17:35

If you are in London as your name suggests you might be, you have Guitar Accademy too...


rockinhippy Wed 06-Feb-13 23:10:09

You might fare better posting in your local MN, as someone can point you in the direction of a tutor local to you.

As for what to look out for, I'm no expert other than that we are very happy with our DDs tutor, who comes from our local "Guitar Academy" which was highly recommended to us - DDs tutor comes here, but they have tutors in various parts of town & others that home visit too, as well as CRB, all are qualified, talented working musicians, with great CVs - DDs tutor has even worked with some of her favourite stars which as you can imagine she loves & makes her work even harder for him.

Another thing that might be of interest is an App for IPod/pod etc that was recommended to me today by a proffesional muso friend, Chord Detect - it's the one priced at £1.99 with a guitarist silhouette as the icon

we've not actually used it yet, but he tells me it reads the chords in any track you play through it, meaning you can then play it back yourself, he's using it for work & was raving about it & reckons is will be a great too for learners & he knows his stuff, so I'm sure he's right.


PeckhamBeckam Wed 06-Feb-13 22:46:44

DS was doing this for I think 4 years but we weren't happy with the teacher's business practices (he was taught at school, one-to-one) and we ended this.

Am looking to get him a new teacher. He is 10. What should we look for? I think we would prefer to have the lesson at our home so I can listen in/get feedback, but I'm open on this.

I don't know if we need better equipment. He has a Yamaha Pacifica 112V and a Roland Microcube amp. It has never sounded especially melifluous or rocking or whatever, but that might just be lack of technique rather than needing more/better equipment.

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