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School quiz!

(4 Posts)
Moominsarehippos Wed 16-Jan-13 19:02:59

So he's on the school quiz team. Where do we start?

Knowing the schools they'll be up against, I am sure that Oxbridge Dons have been already put on standby for additional tutoring by some mums!

Is there a 'general knowledge' book (like adult pub quiz books) for kids? The kids are ages 7-10.

amazingmumof6 Wed 16-Jan-13 20:14:44

did the school not suggest anything? go to the library, they will be able to advise you.

my boys read quiz books for kids, very funny - why do elephants fart? - I'll dig it out and get back to you with the author's name

Moominsarehippos Wed 16-Jan-13 20:24:58


I suppose they fart for the same reasons we all do...

amazingmumof6 Thu 17-Jan-13 21:05:23

sorry, can't find the book - just get some from the library or internet

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