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drama classes in kensington/chelsea or battersea

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allag Tue 15-Jan-13 10:10:31

would really appreciate some advice. I want to send DD (5) to drama classes as I think she would love it and hugely benefit from it, as she is a quiet child, but very imaginative. We have had trial lessons with Stagecoach (battersea) and Perform. Stagecoach seems more structured but DD was silghtly lukewarm about it. She seemed to love Perform but told me that all they did was play games and other people had said it's very free-flowing and they don't really learn very much - just play. If anyone has any views or experience of these two, would love to hear it. Also if there is anywhere else that you could recommend, anywhere in central london, north of south of the river (we are in Battersea, jsut the other side of chelsea bridge) would be hugely grateful. I would love her to go somewhere where she can progress and be properly taught if she has the ability. THank you!

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