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If you are a Brown Owl...

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Dancergirl Sun 25-Nov-12 09:10:32

.....what would you really like as a present from one of your departing Brownies?

Our Brown Owl is FAB, among other things, she came to see dd in a show last night and sent her a good luck card and gave her a present after! Dd and I were so touched. Dd is leaving brownies next term as she's nearly 10 sad and she'd like to get her a nice present.

Any ideas?

BackforGood Sun 25-Nov-12 19:15:34

Do you know, it honestly is about the card or the laetter, stating that. smile

OK, I confess, I'm not a Brown Owl, but I am both a Scouter and a teacher, and the same applies. I honestly couldn't tell you what physical presents I've had from pupils over the years (nor who gave and who didn't) but I've treasured some nice letters and cards.

Earlier this year my dc3 left a fantastic cub pack, ending almost 9 continuous years of fantastic experiences for my 3 there, but there are quite a few Leaders (over 2 packs) who all work closely together. What we did was put money in a card and asked them to spend it on a takeaway or some wine at the next planning meeting or after camp meeting, or put it towards a Christmas meal out of something. Don't know if a meal voucher or something might work for you?

BrownOwlsShinyToadstool Mon 26-Nov-12 21:57:43

Yes, to the card or letter, it is so nice when a family take the time to say thank you, sadly it is also quite rare.

Gift-wise chocolate, wine and flowers always go down well with this particular Brown Owl!

ThePortlyPinUp Mon 26-Nov-12 22:00:38

YY to a card or letter, it's lovely to know that someone appreciates what you are doing, I would prefer that as a acknowledgement than a physical gift IMO.

BadRoly Mon 26-Nov-12 22:02:53

Another yes to a card/letter/verbal thank you.

Chocolate, wine and flowers will always be received with gratitude though. And I have hanging in my bedroom window a little pink wooden heart given by a leaving Brownie...

MaureenMLove Mon 26-Nov-12 22:03:48

Card for me too. I love a nice card to stick in my scrapbook, to remind me why I do it, when I've had a particularly rough week!

(And Malteasers, if you really must! grin)

MrsKwazii Mon 26-Nov-12 22:11:21

(Former Brown Owl sticking her beak in) Cards are lovely, especially when they tell you the favourite things they've done over the time they've been in the pack (which is often something you'd thrown together on the night with what you could find in the cupboard!). It's really lovely of you to even think of it, lots of parents don't.

Dancergirl Mon 26-Nov-12 23:05:30

Thanks all. Dd will love to write her a card.

We've known her a long time as dd1 also went through Brownies and she's 11 now. Dd3 is on the waiting list when she turns 7 next year.

She's so lovely, I know all Brown Owls are but she really goes above and beyond. Seeing her waiting for dd at the stage door after the show and giving her a big hug brought tears to my eyes so I wanted to show my appreciation.

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