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Which - piano/keyboard/electric piano for son starting lessons

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Pinkspottyegg Mon 12-Nov-12 17:28:47

Hi Have no clue about this but my son would like piano/keyboard lessons for his 8th birthday. I'm quite happy about this but we have no such instrument. Now I'm not going to fork out for anything expensive just in case he loses interest so was wondering if a keyboard would do to get him started.

mrscumberbatch Mon 12-Nov-12 22:14:28

I'd buy a cheapish keyboard to get him started and then move onto an electric piano further down the road (it's a totally different instrument.)

Find out whether he is interested in actually learning piano or would prefer keyboard. The keys of a piano are pressure sensitive, you can sometimes have this as an option for keyboard but it's not an option on every set.

this £80 looks good for the price. Bear in mind where it will be kept/live. Will he need a stand? Can it sit on a table? Does he have an appropriate height chair/stool?

Can he read music? You'll need to fork out for music books as well. The beginners ones are dull, so I'd get something a bit more recent just to prop up his eagerness. It'll be exciting for him to understand more of the music bit by bit and be able to play it.

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