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Song for an alto (just 12, not precocious)?

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ZZZenAgain Sun 04-Nov-12 22:21:01

Can anyone recommend a song for a recital, she hasn't been singing long but all the dc have to perform and learn a new song for it. Teacher gave her a couple of CDs with Disney songs and various female artists (pop) but dd didn't like any of them .She doesn't listen to music like that really and in that sense she's not at all a modern with it girl.

So far she has sung in class these songs which she chose and enjoyed: Amazing Grace, some version of Ave Maria, The Lord of the Dance and Banks of the Ohio (version from Joan Baez), Greensleeves. She liked singing all of those. Can anyone think of something she might like, so she can listen to it?

I don't know about difficulty, she is a beginner but because she plays so much violin, she is good at rhythm and pitch, maybe not breathing and articulation etc (Can't sing myselfso don't know much about it). She can sing quite high and also low apparently but she is not one to belt out something and can't be mushy-romantic or coarse. Can be fast and a bit funny but not teenage stuff yet. She just wouldn't sing it.


Lancelottie Sun 04-Nov-12 22:24:47

DD likes 'Tears in heaven' (the Choirboys' version). Is that any good? Or how about a Christmas carol such as Nowell Nouvelet?

ZZZenAgain Sun 04-Nov-12 22:26:47

I hadn't thought about Christmas carols but of course it is coming up. That's a good idea, simple and clean from the style, might suit. I can have her listen to tears in heaven. Thanks

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Sun 04-Nov-12 22:30:16

If you go with the Christmas theme, how about 'The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came'? Highest note is a top E, IIRC. It's very beautiful and contemplative.

member Sun 04-Nov-12 22:30:17

Castle on a Cloud from Les Mis?

ZZZenAgain Sun 04-Nov-12 22:30:20

that's a nice carol, listening to it now

ZZZenAgain Sun 04-Nov-12 22:33:18

'The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came' is lovely, I like that but I find it so hard to predict what she will and won't like. I'll run all your suggestions past her , thank you.

mrscumberbatch Sun 04-Nov-12 22:34:15

Christmas songs that I loved doing at her age (also alto) were 'When A Child Is Born' and 'O Come O Come Emmanuel'.

ZZZenAgain Sun 04-Nov-12 22:42:32

I could see her singing 'When a Child is Born', that is another really nice one. These are so helpful, thank you, I wouldn't have thought of any of these.

Not sure what is too difficult for her though. Maybe 'Castle on a Cloud' is beyond her atm, I don't know. Is it difficult to sing? I'll let her listen to them all tomorrow and see if she likes something.

DeWe Mon 05-Nov-12 10:33:10

What about Candle on the Water from Pete's Dragon (Disney). I think that's alto.
Not sure Castle on a Cloud is alto. Dd1 sings it quite high. It's fairly easy to sing though, it was the first one dd1 did when she started singing lessons.

Feed the birds (another Disney) is quite low too.

Is Run rabbit run alto?

When this lousy war is over (tune What a friend we have in Jesus) from Oh What a lovely war sings nicely.

Would Consider yourself (Oliver) be too high?

ZZZenAgain Mon 05-Nov-12 11:16:26

thanks dewe, she didn't like Candle on the Water. I think it is a certain way they have off singing DIsney songs that puts her off those ones. Consider
Yourself she has sung along to herself but not with her teacher so she does like it. I don't know When this Lousy War - I'll look it up for her, she can have a listen to the ones on this thread when she gets home, I'm sure they'll be something she likes on here.

ZZZenAgain Mon 05-Nov-12 11:31:04

of singing

sorry not really with it today.

ZZZenAgain Mon 05-Nov-12 14:04:10

I ran them all past dd and she liked a lot of these songs, so we have a nice list now of things she can sing at some stage. She really loved 'When a Child is Born' so she is going to sing that one. She liked the Choirboys version of Tears in Heaven but wasn't sure if it was too high for her.

Thanks everyone for the tips!

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