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Proper song book for guitar for DD (9)

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feetheart Mon 08-Oct-12 14:02:17

DD has been learning guitar at school for about a year but its in a group and is going a bit slow for her. The teacher has taught her some chords but only one song and she would to play around with a few more.
I will put a note in her book but would like some suggestions for a good book for her please as I'm clueless.

ReallyTired Mon 08-Oct-12 14:10:52

Usbourne very easy guitar tunes

Although she would need help if she can't read music to know what the notes are. There are web links so she can hear the tunes to help her learn. Youtube is a brilliant resource for teaching yourself guitar. What type of music does your dd like? There are lots of sites with guitar chords for music once she knows her basic chords.

Ds had group lessons for two terms and we changed him to 20 minutes individual as he was losing the will to live because of the pace of the group lesson.

feetheart Mon 08-Oct-12 14:32:20

Thanks for that.
She can read music better than I can thanks to class recorder lessons in Yr3 and has been brainwashed with Radio2 an eclectic musical taste. We will have a look on Youtube later and see what takes her fancy.

There was talk about splitting the class as 2 of them are doing well and 2 are slower. I will follow that up though music lessons in school seem to be a bit of a mystery hmm

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