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Double bass tuition scheme?

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Happypiglet Fri 28-Sep-12 13:41:10

Many moons ago I played double bass....we are talking 25 years since I picked it up! I still have my instrument and want to teach myself again. Does anyone's DC learn and can I ask what books/ music they used.
My DS1 learns cello and uses Cello Time Joggers and that's the sort of thing I need.... Telling me which notes are which etc.

horseymum Sun 30-Sep-12 16:50:59

No suggestions for books, sorry but i have picked it up again after 10 years off, now been playing again for two years and in a local orchestra! If you can find a teacher to even have a couple of lessons, it will be money well spent, just to remind you of the basics. i did but don't have time for any more just now, as don't have time to practise enough for it, orchestra is hard enough. It is great fun getting back into it and you may find a local group to join once you have your confidence back, some adult orchestras are more amateur than others and welcome people with a wide range of abilities

RimmersLustMonster Mon 01-Oct-12 17:29:18

I'm a double bass player/teacher, would recommend Team Strings in the situation you've described.
PM me if you're anywhere near London and would like a lesson!

Happypiglet Thu 04-Oct-12 21:53:30

Thanks both.... I have considered a refresher lesson or two but can't find a teacher.... I might ask DS's cello teacher if he knows anyone!
Rimmers I am 40miles north of London so may be too far for you!!!
Will look for Team Strings.
Horsey mum I want to join a group again. There is a local non auditioning one but I need to get my confidence back first!

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