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What is a Church Parade ? (Rainbows)

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GoodPhariseeofDerby Sun 23-Sep-12 00:43:15

My DD joined Rainbows when they got back from summer holiday. Last time, she came out with a schedule for this year's church parades, with no other information other than time and a request to bring cakes for afters. I tried to ask the leader but she was quite busy as Brownies start very soon after so all I got was that it takes place in the Catholic church connected to the hall, that people socialise afterwards in the hall, and that DD1 isn't required or was even expected to go as we have her own place (I'm quite visibly another faith with my head covering so I think the Leader was worried) but she's free to join.

So could someone enlighten me on what a Church Parade is and will DD1 miss out if we don't go?

LittleDragon Sun 23-Sep-12 01:22:41

Church Parade - they will meet up, probably in the hall and sort out order to walk into the service usually lead in by a unit flag for each unit. The service is often geared towards children and they understand that there will be children will be of many denominations/religions and gear it towards this. At the end of the service they will walk back out in formation and get a debrief type thing before refreshments.
It is nice that the unit supports this but they cannot force your DD to go or exclude her from anything because she can't go. It does help build the bonds up sometimes if they can go to parades etc but there is no pressure (girl-guiding do not allow the girls to be pressured into parades anymore.) It is entirely up to you how many if any you allow her to go to.

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