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looking for drama class age 10 near maidavale London

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loveyouradvice Sat 16-Mar-13 16:23:26

hi - I see no one has answered you.... I rate Perform very highly - they'll offer you a trial lesson - know they are in West Hampstead and Primrose hill... speak to them first about specific issues.....

Also, and maybe more relevant Drama Queens in Queens Park - have helped friend's son enormously who was on autistic spectrum.... again explain ahead....

Good luck!

zoe11 Fri 14-Sep-12 22:35:41

hi im a new member and would like to find out about drama classes near or around maidavale, London

my son is 10 and has speech n language problem. he doesnt hav confidence and a very shy person. i would b very glad if anyone could help me

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