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G5 Music Theory exam tomorrow - any last minute tips?

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pianomama Fri 15-Jun-12 14:48:34

DS is taking his G5 theory tomorrow - any last minute advice/tips/general experience? He hasn't sat any written exams before, so very nervous.
How did your DC do? How long did you wait for results?

pugsandseals Tue 19-Jun-12 18:40:21

Grade 6, 7, 8 theory are worth UCAS points you know! As are the practical exams

mumblecrumble Thu 21-Jun-12 17:08:41

music tarrif
GCE tarrif

Grade 8 distinction in thoery is worth 30 UCAS points, compared to 40 points for an E at AS level, so personally I don't heavily recomend the theory/practical exams for UCAS points alone. in terms of keeping theory skills going - maybe but perhaps only for the very determined?

Always happy to be proved wrong though smile

mumblecrumble Thu 21-Jun-12 17:10:25

All the instrumental teachers i know could ace their grade 5 theory smile

CURIOUSMIND Fri 22-Jun-12 09:23:53

Pianomama's DC is very young, has plenty of time to do this.I think its great FUN to explore the theory beyond G5. G6 book looks different from G1-G5, and will not cover all the exam questions (from Amazon customer review), so you may need some other materials as well.

pianomama Thu 05-Jul-12 08:32:01

Just found DS will have to study for his G6 theory next year as he is starting in JD and this is required ..

He does enjoy it though so its a good thing

valentinedelight Wed 23-Jan-13 12:06:18

Hi there, any tips for making learning theory fun? Any good iPad aps, or books? My son passed his grade 5 piano over a year ago but his theory is hovering around a grade 2-3 level and he needs to get up to speed quick. He's very mathematical which should help, but not so keen on theory. I need something good for a 10 year old boy. Thanks in advance!

Theas18 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:50:53

"making learning theory fun".... not that I know I'm afraid. We haven't delved into apps etc as I would be wary that they might not be teaching what the exam needs.

I know about all the arguments generally about " teaching kids to pass the test" rather than general learning, but theory is just that I'm afraid!

If HE (rather than you) WANTS to do grade 6 soon he has to realise that it's a "must" to do the theory and get on and do it.

If he's not desperate to do " an exam now" he can carry on learning on and on upwards (as well as plenty of repertoire) it really doesn't matter if his next piano exam is grade 6 now, or grade 8 in a year or 2, does it? He can take time to get the theory done.

On the whole I'd like to think that self motivation will drive the theory, in practice a small amount of low level bribery may be needed (our piano teacher uses chupa chups!! do the work, earn some lollies!)

Theas18 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:52:02

Oh and also look at both boards for theory. DD2 has done trinity and found it loads easier. You can use a trinity grade 5 result to move up associated board grades though!

BrigitBigKnickers Fri 25-Jan-13 09:05:07

Also if you take the Jazz piano grades, a grade V jazz is accepted instead of grade 5 theory and will mean you can move on to grade VI classical practical (Jazz piano only goes up as far as Grade V)- not sure why though!

valentinedelight Mon 04-Feb-13 16:30:46

Great. Many thanks for your suggestions.

valentinedelight Thu 07-Mar-13 11:36:56

We've found a great teacher (thanks to a Mumsnet recommendation!), and my son loves his sessions with her. Only thing is she lives in north london an dit is quite a trek for us. However, she would be willing to come to us if she had a few hours of teaching. Anyone in the Notting Hill area looking for theory lessons?

Gracegrapecherry Tue 03-Mar-15 21:11:16

It apparently takes 4-6weeks for the results to come out... My DD is doing G5 Tomorrow and she is really nervous because it is her first exam.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Wed 04-Mar-15 13:58:22

Gracegrapecherry good luck, my DS2 is doing it as well. Come and join us on the 'Spring Music' thread for some support.

AriaBanjo Tue 17-Mar-15 19:05:44

Any idea when results will be out? smile

Ishouldbeweaving Wed 18-Mar-15 09:20:23

It says on the back of the entry letter that it's 4 weeks for the results to be published online and 6 weeks for the certificate. I vaguely remember that happening last time. We're done with it now, it will be a surprise when his teacher rings with the results.

AriaBanjo Thu 19-Mar-15 07:49:59

I thought I saw that and hoped I was wrong!! So long to wait!

Ishouldbeweaving Thu 19-Mar-15 08:39:10

Come on over to the Spring Term music thread and you can pace the floor with the other parents of candidates. I'm just glad that it's over now and I can clear up all the past papers from the dining table.

maggiethecat Thu 19-Mar-15 13:45:39

do you know it you can go online and get result if you have candidate number or does it have to be teacher to access?

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