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Private tutor for child in year 3

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aai72 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:35:16

Kumon is big waste of money, time and child's patience.

I am happy to recommend my daughter's tutor. My girl's confidence n level boosted so much after joining she is in WGGS (higher set of maths n science)
email/text me..if still u r looking for.

Pusheed Wed 14-Mar-12 00:56:46

"Kumon is a big waste of money.If you are SAHM you can do it Kumon type of thing yourself"

I used that same argument on DP smile so DP challenged me to put together a DIY solution for a week. Round about Day 4 I gave in. Both of us work and there wasn't enough hours in the day as it was, let alone find the time to surf for free material to download. Buying work books wasn't an option either. I mean they are designed to be revision/practice aides that supplement formal teaching.

I wouldn't say that I was an ardent fan of Kumon but it did help my kids to develop a study attitude that has helped them to settle into a very demanding secondary school.

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 11-Mar-12 18:38:07

Kip Mcgrath is good.
We used them for DDs 11+ tuition. (She passed!)

I know loads of people who have used them for extra help with maths and English too .They have centres all over the place. They are a franchise but I know of four centres in the area where I live and they are all rated highly by parents.

There seem to be loads in the areas you want. Look here.

WhereEaglesDare Sun 11-Mar-12 08:46:17

Kumon is a big waste of money.If you are SAHM you can do it Kumon type of thing yourself. Basiclly,it's lots of timed repetition of the basic maths.
Tutor would be good,but why don't you try websites (bit more inspirational ) -type maths key stage 2 ---you will get variety of websites ,choose the once which are fun so he can get motivated ....I would opt for different approach and tutor as a last result. Another thing, 15 or 20min of work every day it does help if you have time.....HTH

Ruthiebabes Sat 11-Feb-12 16:50:52

My son is struggling with maths at school and I am considering finding a tutor.

I have also considered Kumon, but it has mixed reviews.

Could anyone recommend a tutor in the Watford/Hemel area?


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