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teacher grade 8 - 25 pounds an hour

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olguis Mon 19-Sep-11 22:47:44

We got this lovely girl that did piano up to grade 8 and actually did sociology in college (so she has no special higher musical education), and she charges 15 pounds half an hour, or 25 pounds an hour, coming to our house, in London. Is that a reasonable price, taking into account her qualification?

ggirl Mon 19-Sep-11 22:51:05

seems steep to me!

<<<<must tell dd to offer lessons if that's what she can make>>>

purplepidjinawoollytangle Mon 19-Sep-11 22:53:35

My parents were paying up to £40 ph for mine 15 years ago in the sticks - you've got a bargain!

I was getting £20 in 2001 as a music undergraduate...

startail Mon 19-Sep-11 23:10:43

School want £12 for 30 min. for singing, don't know their teachers qualifications.
Local retired senior school head of music charges £100 a term for singing or piano (~£10 for about 40 mins) term lengths vary slightly.

ggirl Tue 20-Sep-11 08:10:15

£40/hr shock bloody hell that's ridiculous!

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 20-Sep-11 08:18:05

Really? Are teachers worth less than bankers, project managers, solicitors, senior managers, all of whom earn more for a similar standard of education and experience?

I got my two grade 8's by the time I was 18 - that means that I needed teachers well beyond that standard. Teachers with decades of experience, a space they could use for teaching (room in their house) and a vast amount of knowledge of the repertoire. Well worth £40 an hour, in fact cheap at the price!

ggirl Tue 20-Sep-11 08:31:04

but we're talking about unqualified teachers here
OP is on about someone who has grade 8 piano ,that's it

ChunkyPickle Tue 20-Sep-11 08:35:13

unqualified - except for grade 8 piano.....

that's twice what a cleaner (a job that requires no qualifications) and half what a new handyman/apprentice plumber ( a job that requires some qualification) charges - seems OK to me really.

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 20-Sep-11 08:38:36

Yeah, my little rant was aimed at the poster who thought £40 ph was too much for a decent private music teacher blush

£20 is what I charged as an undergrad music student in Greater London 10 years ago, and has been the going rate for quite some time afaik. Out of that comes her own lessons and music, tuning her piano, transport to and from the lessons if she's teaching in the OP's home...

JuneChollySawcutt Tue 20-Sep-11 08:41:47

A reasonable price for a music teacher is between £12-£15 for half an hour. (And you are in London so it might be a little more?)

A supply teacher rate (in a school for eg) is about £25 an hour, so in terms of the rate charged, this is in line.

However, if she really has no musical qualifications beyond a grade 8 I would say it is a leetle steep.

The question is whether you think it is worth it.

Perhaps the convenience of her coming to your house is worth the bit extra?

Is she is a lovely girl who is also a good teacher and your DCs are progressing well?

If they are interested in taking exams, is she clued into how to enter them?

ggirl Tue 20-Sep-11 08:50:38

'Yeah, my little rant was aimed at the poster who thought £40 ph was too much for a decent private music teacher '
I thought 40/hr was too much for unqualified teacher which is what OP was talking about not a music teacher

purcellfan Tue 20-Sep-11 09:03:15

Round here (sw London) the going rate is around £40 per hour for lessons in private schools, but in the state sector more like £25-30.
her qualification is Grade 8 - has she had lessons beyond that (eg at uni) or is she working towards a diploma etc? As someone else said is she charging travel to your house (most teachers I know do unless very local)?

Agree with purple pidgin on the value for money front.

Ultimately it depends on your children's relationship with the teacher, if it's good and they're doing fine at their level then I think you've got a good deal.

Bramshott Tue 20-Sep-11 09:28:20

There is no official qualification for an instrumental teacher - many teachers are performers who also do some teaching.

FWIW I pay £18 for half an hour for DD1's piano lessons.

elphabadefiesgravity Tue 20-Sep-11 12:18:12

Dh charges £40 per hour from home £50 from his studio however he is highly specialist in his instrument (voice) only one of 30 people in the UK with his level of qualification and is currently teaching at a top college training singers for the West End and has also worked at a leading drama school.

For a good teacher with either a performance degree or teaching diploma I would expect to pay around £25-£30 per hour in the midlands around £30-40 in London. Dd has piano lessons at school her teacher teaches from beginners to diploma and the school sets the rates at £12.95 per 30 mins.

For a student or someone who has no no qualification higher than grade 8 I would expect to pay around £15-20 per hour, perhaps a little higher in London if they have a lopt of teaching experience. I would also prefer someone who is a music student as often they study pedagogy as part of their degree. You need to know how children learn, how to break things down how to accommodate for the differences between kinastheric learners and other types for example.

I have Grade 8 piano and a music degree and I would not consider myself sufficiently qualified to charge anything like that.

elphabadefiesgravity Tue 20-Sep-11 12:20:32

Bramshott there are official qualifications for instrumental teachers. All the ones I have ever had or sent dd to have had a recognised teaching diploma such as ALCM ABRSM, ATCL, ARAM. Many but not all music colleges put tgheir students in for these diplomas aongside their degree or they used to anyway.

RunAwayHome Tue 20-Sep-11 13:24:22

my teacher charges £17 per half hour; she only has Grade 8, no additional music qualifications but a teaching qualification (BEd). She has been teaching about 10 years though, and teaches quite a rare instrument.

Bramshott Tue 20-Sep-11 16:35:09

Yes, sorry elpha, I should probably have said "there is no required qualification" - not to imply that there aren't qualifications, but that not all teachers have them, and some can be very good teachers without them (or very bad teachers with them!).

Hulababy Tue 20-Sep-11 16:41:02

We are "up North" in Sheffield. We pay £15 for half an hour for singing lessons, we paid the same for half hour of piano last year too.

mummytime Tue 20-Sep-11 16:49:19

Sounds cheap, most qualified teachers charge at least £35 an hour here (Surrey), does she have a Royal Academy Teaching Diploma? (She doesn't need a degree in Music for that.)

AChickenCalledKorma Wed 21-Sep-11 11:01:08

Be careful. I did Grade 8 piano. It made me a decent amateur player, but I would not say that it qualified me in any way to teach young children.

We are in Surrey and we pay £16 per half hour, for a very good teacher with heaps of qualifications, who is also an ABRSM examiner. And she's teaching DD all sorts of useful tips about technique and practising that I would never have thought of, despite my Grade 8!

LittleMissWoodscommaElle Wed 21-Sep-11 11:06:25

Totally agree chicken.

ggirl Wed 21-Sep-11 13:36:56

yy agree chicken , my point exactly about grade 8 not being a qualification to teach. DD has grade 8 and thinks she'd be a crap teacher.

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Wed 21-Sep-11 22:17:39

I have just booked dd (11) piano lessons done privately at school & we will be paying £17.50 for 1/2 hr once a week......the plus side to it is he is highly qualified & passionate about teaching,so as much as we are eeekkk we are also thinking about the benefits

ZZZenAgain Thu 22-Sep-11 12:56:31

how old are the dc who she is going to teach at your home and are they complete beginners?

Colleger Fri 23-Sep-11 08:40:56

DS bassoon teacher went to Chets, RAM and did a post grad at RCM. She is a professional musician and charges £35 p/h in London. Quite frankly this girl has only done grade 8 and is not a musician and has no teacher training so I wouldn't even contemplate it.

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