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Anyone used Tumble Tots?

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MonsterBookOfTysons Fri 22-Jul-11 20:49:48

Hi we have just enrolled ds and dd to gymbabes and tumble tots. Ds is 3 and very excited. It is quite expensive as it is for 2 dc so want to know if it is worth it smile
Is it any good? Worth the money? TIA

mumof4sons Fri 22-Jul-11 22:13:24

Tumble tots was great fun. Three of my boys really enjoyed it. They loved the climbing and singing. I enjoyed the social side of it (sad I know, but was one of the things I looked forward to in the week). I think it made my boys more aware when climbing.

My youngest son really didn't enjoy it, but it could have been my influence as by the 4th one I'd gotten a bit bored with it and also had changed centres because we moved and I didn't know the mothers or the staff running it.

Was fun

BiscuitNibbler Fri 22-Jul-11 22:28:49

My DD loves it. Like Mumof4 says, it has made her much more aware when climbing. I feel much more confident that she won't hurt herself when playing now, as she thinks before launching herself off something.

I also like the way it is teaching her to take turns. It is definitely worth the money - my DD is missing it now it is the summer holidays, and I have to admit I'm looking forward to going back in September.

MonsterBookOfTysons Fri 22-Jul-11 22:33:35

Excellent thanks for the info, I am feeling better about the financial side of it smile

Scholes34 Wed 03-Aug-11 13:22:37

We did and looking back I think it was really a waste of money.

spiderpig8 Wed 03-Aug-11 14:06:10

Yes i think a waste of money too.But I suppose every franchisee is different and some better than others.Does a local gymnastics club do pre-school sessions?

Ktay Wed 03-Aug-11 14:13:07

I am tempted to give it a go for the autumn term as an all-weather option for when it starts getting colder. I've looked at the courses run by different franchisees and the prices seem to be really variable depending on area though - £11 a session round here shock . We are in a nappy valley-type area but that's more than in some posher London postcodes (with presumably similar fees for hall hire etc) and nearly twice as much as some other suburbs! I hope it proves worth the money as it ticks all my other boxes (our local gym club is over-subscribed and a bit too far away).

Tw1nkle Wed 03-Aug-11 14:26:52

My DD did it for 12months - just to build up her confidence really.
When she started she wouldn't go on anything, and really didn't seem to enjoy it - I persevered, and after about 6 months (I can be quite patient!!!), she started to enjoy herself and go on everything.
We stopped going after 12 months, as she's mastered all the equipment and her confifdence couldn't grow anymore there!!!!
Worth it, but expensive.

Cattleprod Wed 03-Aug-11 14:39:42

We went once. Awful. The woman running it obviously had her favourite children and spent the vast majority of the time with them, virtually ignoring all the others.

We now go to our local gymnastics club, which has drop in sessions (3 hrs) for £2.50, and more structured lessons for £4. The equipment is a lot better too.

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