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DS1. piano lessons and appropriate keyboard

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ibbydibby Mon 18-Jul-11 12:29:59

DS1 is currently in Y9, and will go up to Y10 in September, so starting GCSEs, which include music (but BTEC rather than GCSE).

He has played a brass instrument since Y3, and has just recently achieved Grade 3 on Baritone Horn. However in Y2 was offered chance to have piano lessons which he declined, a decision which he has regretted ever since. Last week the piano teacher who takes piano lessons at DS1's secondary school called me to say there was a vacancy for September if DS1 would like it.

He is keen to have a go, and we are keen. However at present we do not have a keyboard, but a friend has offered us her 10 year old Roland EP-77 keyboard, with stand and instruction manual (because she has recently bought something better)

So posting here to ask:

a) would it be piling too much on DS1 to have brass and piano lessons, bearing in mind he is not that academic, and is a bit of a "plodder"? He is in school band plus 2 others, playing brass, and has a lot of fun at these, ie not that strenous/stressful (at present). He is not sporty in any way, ie no commitment to teams/practices/matches etc.

b) Would the keyboard mentioned above be appropriate for beginner (my friend seems to think it would)

c) if "yes" to b) what would be an appropriate price for this? (No sum has been mentioned, knowing my friend it will be in excellent condition)

Would appreciate thoughts on this - thanks

ragged Mon 18-Jul-11 12:53:30

re a) I think it's especially good to let him try keyboard, given that he's not getting much satisfaction out of academics; he needs to find the other things he's good at.

Can't comment on specific keyboard model, but I imagine that a cheap & cheerful electronic keyboard is what I'd start with, too, until I knew if he was really going to take to it.

BrigitBigKnickers Tue 19-Jul-11 07:08:13

I would imagine this would be a good keyboard to learn on. Although old, it is not a tinny electronic keyboard but has weighted keys which would feel much more like a real piano.

I would go for it.

Not sure about price though.

A few I have seen for sale on the internet seem to suggest £350 (for a 7 year old instrument) so would imagine an older instrument should be a fair bit less than than that.

I don't think I would pay much more than £150-£200 for a ten year old electronic instrument (even if it was in good condition).

roisin Tue 19-Jul-11 07:29:55

Do you have the piano teacher's number? Some teachers will only teach "piano" if you have a piano at home to practice on, not a keyboard. There is a different feel.

Progress in piano does tend to be slower than in other instruments, because there's a lot to co-ordinate. But as he can already read music, that will be a great help.

If he's keen, I would say go for it. But with a proviso that he must practice at least 10 mins every day.

ibbydibby Tue 19-Jul-11 09:10:58

Thanks very much for comments. I spoke to my friend last night who suggested £50, so am happy with that. (I am sure I should be paying her more and feeling a bit guilty.....).

Roisin I emailed the teacher last night to check whether the model is suitable, but have not yet heard back from her (not surprisingly!). However when she called me on Friday I am pretty sure she did say a keyboard would be ok, and that sometimes schools lent them out, or that she might have a sure she must have been referring to a "spare" keyboard rather than piano!

So we have decided to take the keen to have a go myself!

BrigitBigKnickers Tue 19-Jul-11 18:16:46

Blimey! £50- what a bargain!

This should be more than adequate as a starter instrument and much closer to a real piano than some keyboards- the transition to a piano later is much easier if you have started on a keyboard with weighted keys.

musicposy Sat 23-Jul-11 01:15:51

I think you've done pretty well for £50 for this model, and agree with others that it will be more than adequate to start on.

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