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Horse riding???

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Jesusgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 08:14:07

My ds age 7 is very academic and apart from swimming he's not really into sports. We tried tennis and football but even though he says he likes them he never wants to go!

We talked about horse riding and he's so excited about it. I guess it's not technically classified at a 'sport' but I guess he can give it a go.

Does anyone's dc have horse riding lessons? I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and I'm a bit concerned with it. I know the teachers are experienced and all but.....! Also is there anything I should know about it etc. Any comment really is what I'm looking for!

Thanks in advance.

MoreBeta Sat 16-Jul-11 08:20:33

I suggest you post in the MN Tack Room Topic which is where most of the MN horse riders hang out.

DS2 will be doing horse riding lessons at school next year. There was a thread recently that discussed riding lessons and the way that they tend to be dominated by girls as they reach age 11 but I know a non-sporty boy who rides and he really enjoys it.

astronut Sun 17-Jul-11 01:23:59

Horse riding is ace! (from someone who started when they were 6 when their sister wanted to go and 20 odd years later has her own!). Would also like to dispell, although its not a 'traditional' sport (like say football or tennis, although obviously riding has a long history) it's really good exercise; once you're past the stage of being 'passengered' on a quiet pony and actually start to ride properly it can be really hard work.

Generally kids go one of three ways after starting lessons: (1) lose interest after a few lessons (2) really like it for a few years, lose interest when they hit puberty (3) life long obsession

Either way its worth a go - its a great confidence building activity, as you do get a certain frisson from knowing you can control/ work with 1/2 ton of animal. If he really gets into it then it can also be a great way of instilling a work ethic, as horse ownership requires a fair amount of hard graft, and a lot of riding schools run horse care/management courses and days as well as riding lessons (although sadly rising insurance etc seems to have killed off the halycon days I remember of child labour essentially keeping most schools afloat!). If he sticks with it through teenagerdom he will probably also enjoy the favourable boy/girl ratios at most yards too....

On the otherhand if he does get into it, it will cost a bomb (weekly lessons aren't too bad, but if you get to the stage of looking to get one yourself they're not cheap!). Also steel yourself that he may well fall off (happens to all of us) but this will probably worry you more than him!

a great source of information, if you want to look for a school near you for example, is HHO (horse and hound online) - its slightly mad but somewhat busier than the MN tackroom topic: [[ ]]

Jesusgirl Sun 17-Jul-11 19:33:31

Thanks. He's really looking forward to starting this weekend so I guess it's too late for me to back out!

I hope he sticks with it. As long as he likes it, he usually has no problems sticking with thngs.

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