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Why would anybody buy this badge on Ebay.

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ragged Fri 15-Jul-11 16:07:47


DD went to this same event... and they all got badges (free). Why would there be interest in buying one retrospectively? Ditto for other badges same seller is selling! Some look retro, but most are quite recent. confused

MeriNisipPoissons Fri 15-Jul-11 19:07:05

confused seems strange.

woolleybear Fri 15-Jul-11 19:16:27

Maybe if you had it and lost it? Or maybe they are just taking a chance that somebody will want it in order to raise funds,

scrappydappydoo Fri 15-Jul-11 19:20:02

Some people collect badges like this in the same way people collect stamps - its just a hobby..

bumpybecky Fri 15-Jul-11 19:22:17

I've bought a similar badge before as one of the dds managed to lose her badge on the way home and the other dd was teasing her sister as she still had her badge [sigh]

cat64 Fri 15-Jul-11 23:35:53

Message withdrawn

5GoMadOnAZ650 Fri 15-Jul-11 23:39:28

It's also common to have extra badges to swap when you go to camps, my camp blanket has loads that I have swapped or received as gifts. I went to seaside sparkle with my rainbows and brownies including dd1 and dd2 it was fab smile

EcoLady Tue 26-Jul-11 01:35:58

Centenary event badges are in demand!

Many Guiders have got separate camp blankets for their Centenary badge collection. Badges from events that I was at are on my main blanket, but the bought & swapped Centenary collection is going on a big pink throw.

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