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science club anyone?

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angelPeacock Sat 09-Jul-11 11:10:40

Hi there. My DS has one strength in school, Science!
He is not good at physical stuff, and his concentration is C**P at the best of times, but better with science so school say!
he is very hands on and struggles with social (poss ASD).

Does anyone know of any clubs or stuff that are to do with science.
hes 7 btw.

thanks in advance xxx

Goblinchild Sat 09-Jul-11 11:49:31

Are you thinking of activities for him to do at home, because there are several good books of practical experiments that I could recommend.
I run a science club at my school, but we seem to be the only one in our local group that does.

Jesusgirl Sat 09-Jul-11 13:15:51

My ds age 7 is attending a science club for a week in august. Google 'mad science'. They seem to have centres in most areas.

My ds is really into science and experiments as well. Search the Internet for simple experiments he can do at home. I also recently found some kits in a charity shop. There were volcano sets, lemon clocks, how the human heart works, really lovely stuff. I came home with a huge bag of stuff for about 10 pounds! It might be worth looking in a charity shop for stuff.

angelPeacock Sat 09-Jul-11 21:01:04

Thanks for the replies.
Things to do at home are a great idea thanks, but i was more thinking of clubs.
I will google the kinds of experiments we can do together and keep my eyes on the local charity shops as im sure we will have lots of fun over the summer!
I will have a look at mad science thanks!

its a shame there arnt more clubs arround for this, its the social side i was hoping for, taking him to karate lessons or football lessons are all well and good but if he doesnt enjoy it becuase hes not very good physically then its a bit of a waste iygwim.

might have to see what i can xx

astronut Sun 17-Jul-11 01:04:20

May also be worth having a look at any local science based museums and/or University deparments - many of these will run family orientated outreach events where you could possibly meet up with other kids with similar interests? (If you're ever London way, the RI - Royal Institution, the place that does the lectures at Xmas - runs events aimed at children all year round).

astronut Sun 17-Jul-11 01:04:54

that should have been 'departments'....

CointreauVersial Sun 17-Jul-11 01:15:49

My DDs did a week of "Mad Science" last summer holiday, and enjoyed it. The club ran from 9.30 til 3.30pm (I think).

They run clubs all over Surrey, possibly further afield too.

angelPeacock Sun 17-Jul-11 12:09:57

Thanks for the replies, ive looked into mad science and i did remember the brought a leaflet home from school once. not only was it too far away (1 hour drive) to the nearest one, but the prices are IMO extortionate!!

i will check out local science based places and see whats arround.

i love living in the countryside but for things like this its a bit of a pain lol

CointreauVersial Tue 19-Jul-11 01:13:07

OP, Mad Science do quite good "early bird" deals; also discounts for siblings. Last time I booked the girls in, the cost was only a couple of pounds more than the regular holiday club.

But no childcare is cheap round here!

Jesusgirl Tue 19-Jul-11 10:05:43

It's really amazing what you can get in the charity shops! I get some really fantastic science stuff there. I got a kitchen science kit yesterday and it's amazing. Plus it only cost £2.

We did an experiment to check what common products are acids and bases using red cabbage and some litmus paper which you can get from eBay for 99p.

We tested lemon, floor cleaner, vinegar, juice, shower gel everything really. It was a lot of fun even for me! My ds got to test the substances and record the results and at the end of it, we discovered most foods are acidic, cleaning agents are bases and shower gels and stuff we put on our bodies are neutral!

I can imagine what ds is talking to his friends about in school now!!!

Last week I got a spy gadget kit for £1.50. It is really awesome. It's definitely worth you looking.

Also check YouTube and google home science experiments. They're thousands of easy to do experiments.

verybusyspider Sat 03-Sep-11 20:50:00

not sure where you are in the country but we went to the Imagineering fair the bank holiday weekend and that was great fun, they do clubs, I'm going to see if we can get something at our primary but maybe there is one by you?
They might also be able to point you in the direction of other clubs too

verybusyspider Sat 03-Sep-11 20:50:33


RunAwayHome Sun 04-Sep-11 08:13:41

I've heard one or two of the local schools here have had an organisation come in (it sounds much like the "mad science" people but I'm not sure if it's definitely them) rather than children attending a week-long summer camp. Instead they do it for 2 hours each week in the summer term, after school, with parents paying. Perhaps if your school doesn't offer that this term then you could suggest/facilitate it? It might be that the school don't realise it could be done or have never thought of it. Or perhaps you could set one up yourself - if they'd come to a school each week, they might come to some other village hall/church/room.

annasophia Sun 11-Sep-11 16:22:27

Another vote here for Mad Science. My ds did a weeks' camp this summer and loved it. He's also 7.

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