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any gymnastics parents out there?

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fairydoll Tue 21-Jun-11 21:15:11

My DD2 is nearly 6.5 and until recently trained at council facility.I am wondering about puttingbher in for a trial at a gymnastics club buti really don't know what the standard is
here are a few of teh things she can do

Floor - roundoff rebound with a good bounce(and into flick with support)
-backwards roll to handstand
handstand to bridge
backbend kick-over
straight cartwheel and one hand cartwheel
up to headstand from tucked legs or straight legs
handstand pirouette (usually)

back hip circle
straddle shoot
one leg over circle (sorry don't know the name!)
vault handstand flat back
squat through
straddle over
beam cartwheel on low beam
forward roll high beam-no mat
half handstand-high beam

sevenseas Fri 24-Jun-11 00:42:00

Hi my DD also 6.5 can do some but not all of what you have listed and she was selected for development squad at our local gymnastics club about 6 months ago(she was doing recreational gymnastics). She couldn't do any of it at the time, they chose her for her potential. I would say you should take her along though am not sure what the difference between a 'council facility' and a 'gymnastics club' would be. Could you not get advice from her current coaches?

Mowlem Sat 25-Jun-11 12:58:34

Yeah, I'd say that sounds pretty good for a 6.5 year old. My DD is 7.5 and trains in the preparation squad for 6 hours... and I'd say that your daughter can do most of what my daughter can do, not that I understand all of these terms!
So yes, definitely go to a gym club for a trial.

Utterlydistraught Wed 29-Jun-11 22:37:47

I think she sounds very promising for her age (am an ex-coach, though not at a high level). I'm sure any gymnastics club would be pleased to have her.

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