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Guitar lessons - what age to start?

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RockOnMrs Wed 18-May-11 19:35:40

My DS (aged just 7) is keen to start guitar lessons. Is he too young? He is quite tall and has quite large hands for his age, and seems to be able to reach the fretts on a friend's guitar, just .... is it possible to get hold of 3/4 size guitars for little ones to learn on?

Thanks in advance

supadupapupascupa Wed 18-May-11 19:39:38

not too young at all. I was writing my own songs at aged 8 so must have started at 7. Great age. He will have the patience (it requires ALOT) to learn the chords and read music.
i started on a 3/4, just pop into a music shop and try him on some.


ZZZenAgain Thu 19-May-11 09:52:21

it is possible to get hold of smaller guitars than a 3/4 , no problem at all. He is not too young

RockOnMrs Thu 19-May-11 12:41:18

Thank you!

crazycarol Sat 21-May-11 16:25:08

You can get 1/2 and 3/4 size guitars. Probably best not to spend a fortune on it as he will grow and need a bigger one. At 10 dd had a 3/4 size one but by 12 she had outgrown it and moved on to a full size classical.

BrigitBigKnickers Sat 21-May-11 20:07:36

We got my DDs first guitar from Argos. They have some very reasonably priced guitars which are ideal for beginners. Have a look here They sell half and three quarter sizes

Gear4music is another very good site selling reasonably priced stater guitar packages.

You would need to ask a guitar teacher which size would suit him best.

pantaloons Sat 21-May-11 20:11:44

My ds is 6 and has lessons for free through school. At the moment they are learning Let It Be. He has a 1/2 size guitar which was £30 from a local music shop. I'm surprised how much he enjoys it and how quickly he's picked it up. I've been so impressed I've also caught the bug and started having classical guitar lessons!

MotherMountainGoat Sat 21-May-11 20:17:44

DD2 started with a 1/2 size when she was 7, but we rented it from the music school for a few euros per month. Then she got her own 3/4 size for her eighth birthday, and it just about fitted her. Her teacher thinks the 3/4 will do her until she goes through the puberty spurt.

I'm really impressed how much she's learned after 18 months of lessons - apparently we've promised her a cheapish electric guitar (only to be used with headphones!) for her tenth birthday!

bitsyandbetty Sun 22-May-11 15:13:43

I would say 7 is a good age to start and you can get smaller guitars. I only have little hands so prefer a smaller guitar myself. Get a good one though, cheap ones that keep going out of tune will put you off for life.

TheMonster Sun 22-May-11 15:18:08

We've just got a fabulous half size guitar for DS from freecycle. DS is 4.5 and strums away on it. I was thinking of lessons from age 5 or 6.

bitsyandbetty Thu 26-May-11 16:21:05

My DD (6) has a small guitar as DH is guitarist (our house is full of the things) but I have just let her strum up until now. She is going to start formal lessons in September when she will be 7 but at a very informal setting - The Rock Project, which does singing and playing with grades not starting until 8 or 9. Not sure if anyone has experience of this. If so it would be nice to know. It looks perfect. DS (10) did not start grades until later and has enjoyed just playing his instruments, with performance being more important for the young ones. He also want to a rock school but with no singing (not his cup of tea). If like my DD they just want to look like rock stars this may be a good start.

IlanaK Thu 26-May-11 16:23:49

Ds1 and Ds2 both learn guitar with a tutor at home. Ds1 is almost 10 and uses a 3/4 size guitar. Ds2 is almost 7 and uses a 1/2 size guitar. We did start ds2 on the same 3/4 size one as his brother, but he found it too big. They both love the guitar and have progressed well.

McMillanMusic Sun 12-Jun-11 19:44:54

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Artsacademy Thu 27-Feb-14 15:29:09

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