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5yr old DD,TRAMPOLINING, please tell me all?

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threecurrantbuns Sun 17-Apr-11 20:48:45

I think she would absolutely LOVE it smile

Although just rang my one and only club and they dont start before 6 at least but at least she is on the list.

But any info about it would be of great interest to me. I orginally thought of gymnastics which she would love too, but think the specific area of trampoline would be a favourite for her.

haggis01 Mon 18-Apr-11 20:42:33

She will love it - my DD started when she about 7 and it was the highlight of her week. Immediately she was able to pick up a series of moves such as pike, seatdrop etc- so it makes children feel successful and of course the bouncing is exciting. Having a good coach and proper safety procedures in place helps.

My DD like the tramoplining over the gymnastics as the gym moves take longer and are harder to perfect, but later the gymnasts and those good at other sports such as diving can really take it a whole notch further.

threecurrantbuns Tue 19-Apr-11 14:27:02

Aww i think dd wil be the same, she does already do her own versions of a few moves on our garden one smile

She has alot of energy too which is great, not sure what to do as i can get her into a gymnastics class now but wonder if i should just hold out for the trampolining!?

Think it would be great to do both, but thinking ahead this will cost alot more, obviously. The trampoling class is £6 and gym 5ish. SO a fair amount a week, plus swimming lesson.

Just thinking ahead as i have three dd being the eldest, but know at some point they may all be doing something plus swimming.

But im so sure she would love and be good at both so dont want to hold her back either.

Was so exciting when i found a trampolining club, but such a shame she as to weigh so long.

threecurrantbuns Tue 19-Apr-11 14:28:03


wotnochocs Thu 28-Apr-11 18:50:46

I'd start with the gymnastics now because it will help her with her trampolining.She will learn all the shapes and do a lot of jumping on springboards and trampettesMy DD has just turned 6 and has been able to do a somersault (in the air) off the trampette for ages.

anothermadamebutterfly Wed 04-May-11 11:17:46

I would start with the gymnastics course, as wothochocs says, you learn a lot of the skills needed for trampolining there. Dd went to a couple of trial sessions for trampoline classes when she was younger and loved the time she was on the trampoline but didn't like having to wait for her turn. But maybe that particular class was just not very well run She much preferred gymnastics, and anyway, in many gymnastics classes they use the trampettes and the inset trampolines.

lljkk Tue 10-May-11 19:30:27

DD first went trampolining before she was 3yo... not very consistently since, mind. wink Seems a shame you have to wait until 6yo. DD is now in gymnastics consistently (we pay 10 weeks in advance) which means she doesn't quite have the energy for trampolining, too; I preferred the trampolining, tbh. I feel quite sniffy about the possible value of gymnastics. Whereas the trampolining is much more impressive to my eyes -- and more fun.

TrampolineCentral Sat 27-Jul-13 20:44:56

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LadyLech Sun 28-Jul-13 12:49:14

My DD did trampolining for a while, and like the previous poster, she liked the actual trampolining but there was a lot of hanging around waiting for her next go, and so she wasn't too keen on that. She had just turned six, and I think she was a bit too young to do all the spotting etc tbh.

However it depends on how it is run. My other daughter used to do a pre school trampolining class, and they had a circuit set up for the children to do whilst they were waiting their turn, and she used t enjoy doing that.

I agree with the other posters, that if you can do the gym now (and be prepared that they might also have a massive waiting list, most gyms do), then it is all beneficial. My DD did gym before she did the trampolining, and it really helped her.

bruffin Sun 28-Jul-13 13:03:20

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