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Ballet Classes Furzedown/Tooting/Streatham?

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mummy2007 Tue 29-Mar-11 14:56:01


Can anyone recommend any ballet classes in this area? My daughter is approaching 3 and half years old and I would like to start her soon.

I am not sure what to look for in a ballet school... which exams should they take that is recognised? Is it RAD?

I heard of Fancy footwork in Stretham which isn't far - anyone recommend it?

Also heard of ABC Ballet in Furzedown (I am in Furzedown), but I cannot see any website for it. Which one would you say is better or are there any others?

Love to hear from you.


EldonAve Tue 29-Mar-11 19:44:38

I don't know about ABC

We go to Fancy Footwork - they are professional and the girls seem to enjoy it a lot
They don't take exams til they are 6 or 7

mummy2007 Tue 29-Mar-11 22:35:49

Thanks. Do your children go to the one in Streatham?

EldonAve Wed 30-Mar-11 07:40:25

No, but we have done various other locations with various teachers, Miss Lucy who runs it, Miss Clare and Miss Mary
I believe the classes are pretty consistent

Themumsnot Wed 30-Mar-11 09:44:34

My DD1 went to ABC many years ago when we lived in Furzedown. It was excellent then, but it is around 8 years since we lived there so I don't know anything about it now.

generalhaig Sat 02-Apr-11 23:50:50

if you're in Furzedown, you have to go to ABC Ballet - your dd will meet all the other little girls dressed in pink on their way to and from lessons - it's sort of a Furzedown rite of passage

It's a Cechetti school, rather than RAD - my sister, who's a dance teacher, told me all about the differences but I'm afraid to say I've forgotten everything she said! They do exams from year 1 onwards. 'Miss Alison' is quite strict, but the children adore her. They had their show today and I'm still a bit misty-eyed

Themumsnot Sun 03-Apr-11 00:38:52

Miss Alison was lovely. I still have the DVD of the ABC show my DD1 was in - it was the Nutcracker. She was only four and so sweet. Now she is 13 and dancing en pointe.
She still does Chechetti btw, it is the arms what is different I am told.

mummy2007 Tue 05-Apr-11 12:58:18

Thks for all the input... someone just told me about a class held in Graveney school. Any know it? any good?

I have been calling ABC for a week and have left msgs but no one has come back to me

charlybaby Sun 10-Apr-11 23:10:21

Hi there, Does anyone have the contact details for ABC please?

generalhaig Sun 10-Apr-11 23:30:01

mummy2007 Fri 20-May-11 21:39:15

Thanks SO much for your advice... my girl is at ABC ballet in Furzedown and loves it! I so glad I posted here!

Plodder Mon 30-Jan-12 09:18:22

Btw in case anyone comes back to this thread... ABC Ballet School now have a website Both my kids have been (DS still going) and really enyoy(ed) it.

mattandkath Fri 22-Apr-16 11:49:05

There is such a wonderful ballet school called Turning Pointe dance school.
They meet in
Immanuel and St Andrew’s Church Hall
452 Streatham High Road
SW16 3PY
Have shows every 18months and teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.
My niece and nephew love it

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