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Beth1234 Sun 06-Feb-11 16:11:02

Hi there,

Am interested in looking into coaching for maths and English before my little one turns 4 and starts school. I've heard various things about Kumon and Kip McGrath but nothing much about leaders are readers. Can anyone recommend leaders and readers over Kumon and Kip McGrath pls? If not, why please?

Will really appreciate any sort of feedback here please.

Many thanks in advance,



BrigitBigKnickers Wed 09-Feb-11 17:25:16

Children of 4 do not need tutoring.

Beth1234 Thu 10-Feb-11 19:01:07

Hi there,

thanks! Unfortunately doesn't answer my question even for when older than 4.

Anyone have any idea or heard of leaders are readers pls?

Thanks a bunch.

Strix Sun 20-Feb-11 15:03:02

Dd started Kuom when she was in year 2, and DS when he was in reception (so towards the end of being 4 years old). We have only done math. It has served them both very well. I think reception is the best time to sign up for Kumon because then the school curriculum won't pass you up. Kumon goes much more in depth than the school. So, with DD, we were still mastering subtraction when the school moved to multiplication.

DD is now in year 3 and she is very nearly the top of the class in math. I'd say there are about 4 kids who might compete for the top slpt and she is among them. I attribute this success to Kumon and not the school.

Can't say anything about the other two you mention.

I would also like to say that I think the earlier you start tutoring/educating a child the less intensely you will need to do so. So, there is nothing wrong wil small doses of tutoring at age 4. smile

Beth1234 Mon 14-Mar-11 18:51:46

Thanks a bunch Strix. You're a star!

Neks Wed 16-Mar-11 10:34:16

Hi About Leaders are Readers.

My Son joined Leaders are Readers when he was 3 1/2 years old. He knew his alphabet but not his sounds. Naturally, as he was only 3, he couldn't read, or blend sounds or write them and he also had delayed speech.

We started him off in 1-1 tuition at Leaders are Readers before moving on to their group class. After 6 months, my son is now 4 and is reading so well it brought tears to his teacher's eyes. He is reading as well as a 6 year old and still has a term to go on the reading course.

His speech has also come along incredibly well as his development in reading has helped his concentration as well as vocabulary. He is able to talk about the books he is reading, he makes his feelings known and he is such a happy boy. There is a lot of homework, but I don't mind this as it gives me a chance to encourage my Son to talk and it helps him retain what he is learning.

My Son has now started on the 4+ maths programme and again, we are easing him with 1-1 tuition. Surprisingly, the teaching involves the tutor discussing a lot with him. For example, my Son has to tell her(the tutor) what is different about 2 objects, and then tell her what is the same about them. This encourages my Son to really think and thereby develop his analytical skills. The tutor models the thinking process out loud for him.

Leaders are Readers use a separate classroom for each age group or level, rather than a large hall for all ages and all students. They are not a homework collection centre. They actually have tutors teach the children and these are graduates; some even from Oxford.

Leaders are Readers work is interesting and challenging and is directly related to what the kids need to know at school but to a deeper and more thorough level.
I actually think that children develop a higher IQ through the Leaders are Readers programme when they start there at 3 1/2 and in the case of my Son, the programme has definitely helped him to flourish.

It's a well worth investment into my Son's learning and educational development.

Beth1234 Sun 27-Mar-11 22:47:29

Gosh Neks, this is the information I needed, more than anything. I thank you deeply for clearing my doubts.

One to one sounds right at the age of 3.5 to ease them into it. Thanks vm for the idea. If you don't mind me asking, when do you plan on sending him to the group class? I feel one to one is a much to better option as compared to sending kids for the group tutoring. What are your thoughts please? Also, is the one to one tutoring at home, which ends up being convenient especially if one has more than 1 child?

Look fwd to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Beth xox

rollerskaterabbit Tue 14-May-13 13:36:52

Has anyone done the 3 weeks summer reading school for there kids. It is very expensive so would like some opinions. Have to start saving for it for next year if worthwhile!

rollerskaterabbit Tue 14-May-13 13:40:41

Obviously "there" should be "their" blush

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