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What do they do in CubScouts/ Scouts nowadays?

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maltesers Tue 01-Feb-11 09:17:04

My son of 10yrs has just joined but its at his Dads local group where he lives, which means DS goes to dad after school and stays over that night.
I just wondered if you think scouts is any good, how much is it and what do they get up to. TBH I'm not sure if its cubs or scouts if he is 10yrs. . .At what age does Scouts start ? 11yrs ????

IndigoBell Tue 01-Feb-11 09:27:38

Scouts starts at 10 1/2.

We're very pleased with it. They do loads and loads of things. But mostly they're encouraged to take risks and be independent - the exact opposite of the English School System.

Costs about £2 a week. Summer camp about £200.

PandaG Tue 01-Feb-11 09:32:29

my DS went from cubs toscouts at 10 years 9 months - I think you go up between 10 and 11 depending on space in teh group.

so far in scouts he has got a swimming badge, first aid badge and a creative badge, gone ice skating, various night hikes, had a film and takeaway evening, taken part in a 'scouts have talent' night, been away on an adventure weekend, there is a 'freezer camp' booked for the last weekend of half term.

His group is pretty active, they have a good mix of boys and girls, and although he is the youngest he really enjoys it.

DD is in the cubs, and has taken part in a similar range of activities and camps.

I think how good it is can vary depending on gthe group and the leaders - we are fortunate in that ours are energetic and committed and put a lot of effort in.

regarding cost, we pay by direct debit, think it is about £10 a month per child, but with a discount for 2 or more. That covers the majority of stuff, but we were asked to pay more for swimming and ice skating.

camps vary in cost - the adventure one was £70 ish for the weekend, quite expensive but was excellent, they took part in lots of activities at a PGL centre, so was much cheaper than if we had done it independently. Ordinary weekend camps cost £35 ish, and are, according to my kids great fun.

YOu also have the uniform to buy - £12 ish for a sweatshirt for cubs, or similar for a shirt for scouts, plus neckerchief. YOu can sometimes get second hand uniform, and you don't need it for the first few weeks


maryz Tue 01-Feb-11 09:35:01

They do a lot outside - camping, lighting fires, getting dirty grin.

Cubs do more structured activities - scouts do a lot of "hanging around" but in woods and fields, interspersed by burning cooking baked beans and rice pudding in tins on open fires and bog swimming with a bit of falling out of trees, sleeping under tarpaulins, building rafts out of barrels, wood and string hmm.

At least that is what mine do. It's great - cheap back to basics, freedom of the type most kids don't get nowadays. Camp can be expensive though, usually 40 to 50 quid for a weekend, a hundred for a week near home. This year ds2 is going to the Jamboree in Sweden which will be expensive, but they are fundraising so I expect the end cost to us will be about 200 plus spending money for 10 days away, including flights, food and all activities - so not too bad.

maltesers Tue 01-Feb-11 15:39:01

Thanks guys for your advice and information responses....sounds good.

maltesers Tue 01-Feb-11 15:39:37

"...informative . .' not information . .lol

pinkhebe Tue 01-Feb-11 15:43:32

ds has been a scout for 5 months, he's nearly 11, he's gone hiking, a ghost walk!, 2 camps (£15 for 2 nights) first aid, navigation badge. He's got a week at Camjam in the summer which is £150.

It costs £2/week

and knows alot about magic cards grin

Scholes34 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:38:49

CamJam is taking place this week, and two of my DCs are having an exellent time there.

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