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ballet - a good place to start?

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happysunshinedays Sat 04-Dec-10 10:11:41

My 4 year old DD did ballet last term but has done nothing this term. Partly due to the ballet teacher being a bit pants! I have had some good recommendations of local dance teachers since, but here's the question:

She loves dance and actually prefers street dancing. She watched Angelina Ballerina recently; Angelina was having a dance off with a friend; DD was hooked but definately drawn to street dancing style.

Should I try and find street dancing for that age group or is it best at this age to get some more classical training? I know she'd enjoy ballet if that's what I chose for her.

I am particularly keen to get it right as my mum (who died before DD was born) was an excellent ballet dancer and could have chosen to become professional, (but in the end opted for the academic route). It very much skipped a generation. I didn't do any dance as a child, but I want to get it right with DD as I want to give her as much choice in the future as pos.

IAmRubyLennox Sat 04-Dec-10 21:46:37

If you want to give her a really sound basis for dance, then ballet is the way to go.

Find a good dance teacher that others would recommend (sounds like you have done this already), phone and ask a few friendly questions about their approach to tuition, board affiliations, exams, performances and competitive dance.

If she's only 4, I'd say there is masses of time for her to expand into other dance disciplines.

My DD started ballet at 3, her dance teacher doesn't start them on tap until they are 5 and they tend not to start jazz before they're 6.

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