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Finding a piano teacher

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MrsVincentPrice Tue 09-Nov-10 17:13:54

DD has just turned 8. She has been given her DGFs full size keyboard as a present and is interested in playing. I got her a copy of Piano Time on the understanding that if she stuck at it for a while and didn't just get bored then I'd get her proper lessons. She has stuck with it, and she's really enjoying her music lessons at school so now is the time for proper lessons. (lessons at school are not really an option for various reasons).

So how do I go about finding a teacher? Obviously someone who came to our house would be easier, but should I be getting my act together to travel to the teacher's house? would that get me a noticeably better class of teacher? (I have a younger DS and don't drive so it would be boring but not impossible to travel - we're in South London). Should I consider group classes or are they mostly for younger children - I'm working on the assumption that 1:1 tuition will be better.
Cost is fortunately not an issue, and the object of the exercise is just to give her a basic life-skill, some fun, a couple of exams eventually on her cv and perhaps a bit of brain training; we're not seeing her as a future professional musician.

(oh and I apologise because this seems like a boring subject that should have been done before, but I couldn't find another one when I searched)

ZZZenAgain Wed 10-Nov-10 09:03:30

should be loads of teachers in London.

Recommendation would be good. Do you know anyone whose dc is taking or has taken lessons? Start asking around maybe. Could be someone knows someone whose wife is a teacher etc. Could you ask the music teacher at school if s/he can recommend anyone?

I am not sure where you might find them advertised tbh but if you would like someone to come to you, perhaps you could place an advertisement.

Usually you will be able to do a trial lesson or month even before you commit.

I don't know about a different class of teacher but I can imagine an established teacher who already has a lot of pupils may not be willing to travel because of course they lose so much time travelling about from house to house. Need to speak to a few really to find out what the going rates are.

You could also approach a school which is known for musical strength and advertise there or ask there. Shops that sell musical instruments/notes often have musicians working there. In any case they tend to know of teachers in the area. You'll often find advertisements up in places like that too.

Good luck.

MrsVincentPrice Wed 10-Nov-10 15:53:26

Thanks for the advice - I just need to get my act together - but it's difficult to get motivated to do extra curricular stuff now the afternoons are so cold and dark - should have started earlier in the year.

ZZZenAgain Wed 10-Nov-10 19:03:56

tell me about it! Shudder

GradeMusicTutorscom Sun 14-Nov-10 20:27:32

Hi I'm a pianist and my son's had experience of class lessons and they weren't good. His main complaint was that he (and others actually) felt left behind on areas he struggled and he soon stopped going. After a while he regained his confidence and I started teaching him and he's got more belief in himself now.
Group lessons are better for kids under 5 as a way of gently introducing them to instruments.
As far as finding a teacher, just do a search for teachers in your area (you'll see plenty of directories), ask friends (esp those who are musicians) or visit your nearest music shop.
Try and get references/recommendations if poss and on the first lesson, ask to be present in the room whether at the teachers or your place.

Hope this helps

BikeRunSki Sun 14-Nov-10 20:35:08

Ask in a local music shop?

bartonian Sun 14-Nov-10 20:41:40

I have recently started piano lessons and found my (fantastic) teacher through the Royal College of Music - they have a kind of matching service on their website where you tell them what you need (instrument, level of pupil etc) and they find you a teacher. Mine is a postgrad student, she teaches children as well as adults and comes to my house once a week. She is excellent, I would definitely recommend using the service - very quick too, was "matched" within a week!

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