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Outdoor Football - Keeping Legs Warm

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Lindax Sun 24-Oct-10 22:47:33

ds (6) loves his outdoor football on a Saturday morning. This Saturday the temperature was 3 degrees and all the resilant little 5-7 year olds were running about with their little football shorts and blue legs!!!!!!

Last year noticed some were wearing their football shorts and football socks but with some sort of base layer covering their full legs (under socks and shorts) to keep their legs warm. This means they can keep wearing their teams kit and not have to wear tracksuit bottoms. Asked in sports shop and got a blank look. He tried internet and no joy.

dn's boyfriend suggested leggings, so bought ds a pair of girls white leggings to try (took a bit of encouragement to get him to try on) and they look ridiculous (baggy around the knees).

Thought about girls tights instead, but not sure he would wear them or too risky about the other boys finding out!

does anyone know what I am talking about and where I can buy them?

tjacksonpfc Sun 24-Oct-10 22:57:37

What you looking for is called under armour not sure if the do full size legging ones for dcs though. go on there website is the best bet. hth

ruggermum Sun 24-Oct-10 22:57:51

You want these people. I suppose the standard recommendation is 'we bought off them and it was fine'. Conversely, I can recommend them because, although we had a slight problem, they were lovely about sorting it out.

MollieO Sun 24-Oct-10 23:06:52

I refused to spend the sort of money that being called a base layer commands so ds (6) wears his ski thermals (black). They look very similar to the expensive stuff but a fraction of the cost and have kept ds warm so far this year and last season.

Lindax Sun 24-Oct-10 23:07:20

wow!! thanks both - mn is a winner again. 10 mins and I've got my answer!

Lindax Sun 24-Oct-10 23:16:37

Thanks mollieO will have a search on internet for ski thermals - the body armour looks as it its start at 8 yrs old so will be a bit big as ds has short legs.

MollieO Sun 24-Oct-10 23:25:44

I got ds these thermals although I got them as part of a ski package from Outdoorgearforu. They don't seem to stock them this year.

They are shiny black nylon, rather than cotton or fleece and are close fitting.

MollieO Sun 24-Oct-10 23:27:15

They've got them in a range of sizes here.

Lindax Sun 24-Oct-10 23:41:32

thanks mollieO you are a star. Great price. Love the blue ones (match his team colours) so will have a look tomorrow to see if I can find in his size, if not black will be just as good.

thanks again.

LunarSea Mon 01-Nov-10 12:11:09

Keep an eye out for the weekly deals at Aldi/Lidl for either ski thermals or kids compression underwear - they turn up periodically at about £5 a time.

atah Thu 25-Nov-10 12:09:50

I bought some last weekend in sports direct £24.99 my DS already has the base layer top. The brand name is under armour

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