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5 years old - too young for violin and chess?

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Shugarlips Tue 21-Sep-10 10:02:19

My son is just 5 and does not do any after school clubs. He does tennis on a Saturday morning because he begged for ages not because we suggested it.

His friends at school are starting to play violin and staying after school for chess clubs. These activities didn't even occur to me as I would have thought 5 was way too young. I have asked my son if he would like to do these things but a) he doesn't know what chess is and b) he still asks to go on the swings after school on our way home! Am I being a bad mother denying him these opportunities????? confused

smee Tue 21-Sep-10 10:08:58

Nope, why push him into things if he's not interested. Park life is most definitely as good imo. Still, five's not too young for either. DS begged to be taught chess at just turned 5 - he doesn't go to a club though we just play at home when he wants to. His best friend played violin from the same age.

maggiethecat Thu 23-Sep-10 21:08:31

Follow your child's lead. If he is not sniffing at anything it's nice to introduce/expose them to different things in an informal way so that you can find out what may excite him eventually.

ChasingSquirrels Thu 23-Sep-10 21:11:56

depends on the child, I taught my ds1 chess at 4, the thought of my 4y8m ds2 being able to understand it is laughable.

MollieO Thu 23-Sep-10 21:15:09

If he wants to learn both then let him. If he doesn't don't try and make him.

At ds's school it appears they can't learn chess until yr 3. Ds is in yr 2 and was very upset that it wasn't offered. Hopefully the school are going to get some yr 6 boys to set up a lunch club.

Ds started the piano at 4 and is about to start the violin at 6. He gets to go to the park at weekends as I'm not around during the day. smile

Shugarlips Fri 24-Sep-10 10:55:52

I mentioned chess to him and he seems quite keen (more because his friends are going than knowing what chess is!) I have put his name on the list.

Thanks for your experiences and suggestions. smile

SylvanianFamily Fri 24-Sep-10 10:59:56


If it's available for his age, it'll be offered in an age appropriate form.

For example, they might teach checkers to the younger kids, and then start them off with looking at the moves. It's a game after all.

Violin also. pluck pluck pluck; clap, clap, clap; frere jacques frere jacques; bye bye.

won't miss out by not doing it yet; won't be harmed by starting young.

sue12345 Fri 19-Nov-10 11:33:34

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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