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Callanetics and/or pilates?

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frakkinaround Mon 22-Mar-10 08:08:27

I do pilates and yoga at the moment, plus a bodybalance class if I can get to it but I've heard good things about callanetics on another thread. Following the wondrous link I found a video where the woman basically said if you want a certain body shape go try pilates...

I'm not particularly after any one shape, just general toning and well-beingness, but it made me wonder whether pilates and callanetics are completely incompatible. I think my bodybalance class includes some callanetics exercises and if they're the ones I think they are then they work pretty well but I'm not sure.

Has anyone done both? Is it worth giving callanetics a short or do they somehow cancel each other out and it's better to stick to one?

Bonnyandborris Wed 24-Mar-10 16:10:32

I’ve done both and personally got better results with Pilates, I think the exercises are better for strength and muscle tone. Pilates works you much harder.

My tummy definitely gets flatter with Pilates anyway (it’s not flat at the mo as I’ve just had a baby).

I also seem to remember some callanetics involving you bouncing or ‘pulsing’ you stretch which you are advised not to do in Pilates as it’s not so good for the muscles.

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