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Aquarobics when pregnant

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chickbean Tue 10-Nov-09 22:40:43

Not sure whether to post here or in Pregnancy.

Basically, I can't make it to any ante-natal aquarobics classes, so I've just been going to a normal one. The teacher tells me not to do the abdominal exercises, but I'm starting to wonder whether there are other movements that I shouldn't be doing (I'm 29 weeks). Does anyone have any advice or can anyone point me to a website? Thank you!

maygirl Tue 10-Nov-09 23:29:05

I do normal aqua, 29 weeks too. My instructor just told me to stick to the low impact options (like for jumping jacks), and to be careful when turning to the side- go slowly as pressure of water on bump, especially with all the waves made by rest of the class!! Also to take care with lifting legs sideways if any discomfort at all in pubic symphysis area. HTH

SolidGoldBangers Tue 10-Nov-09 23:35:16

I did ordinary aquarobics when PG: the teacher used to say every week 'if anyone's PG don't do the next couple of moves'. It certainly didn't do either me or DS any harm.

chickbean Wed 11-Nov-09 09:18:07

We do star jumps, tuck jumps, etc. and she doesn't mention anything to me about those - I was wondering, because we had a stand-in a couple of months ago and she kept telling me to quite a few things differently - the jumping and legs to the side things - but this teacher has said to me on occasion "you can jump higher than that". Will see how it goes for the next week or two and then may have to give up sad

maygirl Wed 11-Nov-09 22:16:41

I still do the normal star jumps as feel more comfortable moving 2 legs rather than one at a time, so instructor agreed it was ok, and I do side legs as no SPD issues.

If you feel good its probably fine, just really concentrate on listening to your body. Maybe have a quiet word with teacher and ask her not to single you out to work harder... For a start high jumping with a baby bouncing on bladder is a killer!

I do a few other normal gym classes, and just make up alternatives for myself if the regular move doesn't feel right, or for instance do one move for every two the class do. This could work for tuck jumps, so you do fewer more controlled and gentle ones, giving yourself time to pull up pelvic floor each time. And I don't do the regular tummy exercises.

Hope you can keep going.

chickbean Thu 12-Nov-09 18:31:48

Thanks Maygirl - I'll see how it goes.

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