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Triathlon novice or mad?

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nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Tue 03-Nov-09 14:09:22

A friend is kind of convincing me to sign up for a triathlon next may - baring in mind i cant run 5k alone without a sneaky walk or two blush - we are going out together tonight for a 5k run to see how we fair buddied up.

She said you can take as long as you want to do it and some take about 4 hrs (i was thinking over a few days!). ANyhow its 400m pool based swim, 15 miles cycle, 3 miles run.
Race is run on a time trial basis which i dont understand what that means. Does it mean i get to stop in between to have my ddinner?

Is there anyone who has done this kind of thing and how does it all work?


MoshiMoshi Wed 04-Nov-09 14:36:53

Go for it! Time trials are much more fun as each competitor heads off on their own at, eg, 15 second intervals. The Thames Turbo sprint tris are like this - 400 odd metres in a pool with staggered pool entry at 15 second intervals. They put the faster racers at the end as they tear up the course and finish around the same time as the slower beginner triathletes. You are each racing against the clock so it is often a chance for people to work on their PBs, especially if it is a fast flat course.

As for not being able to run 5K now, there is plenty of time to get up to that distance as well as practice training for the other two disciplines. You will also want to do brick sessions where you practice two disciplines at a time as there is an art to moving through transition and from swim to bike/bike to run (jelly legs!)

All in all it is superb fun, fabulous cross training and a very sociable sport which I cannot recommend enough. The only problem once the bug has bitten is getting all the gear for the open water/ longer races as it can be pricey but a decent bike can knock minutes off even just a 20k ride (let alone a 40k etc ride).

Have a peek at for some good advice.

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Wed 04-Nov-09 18:17:52

I actually went out last night and did 5k for the first time non stop - i dont know about all this transition lark as was thinking i woud do 3 disciplines in one day and just saunter between them - i guess not though eh! This is my bike here - guess they will laugh at my novice gear!

tip for transition: check your laces are NOT done up before the race starts....

Tris are fabulous fun, go and have a look at tritalk and try not become addicted....

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