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new to running – sore just above the knees – normal?

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kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Tue 27-Oct-09 00:01:09

I'm nearly 40, not massively overweight, perhaps a stone. I've just started running and I'm doing very short bursts at the moment – a minute or so. But after about 30 seconds, the bit just above each knee starts to hurt. Will it go away as I practise more, or should I just stick to Yoga? Anyone know what's going on with my knees?

MonstrousMerryHenry Tue 27-Oct-09 00:15:49

When I had painful knees following running, it was because I was using ancient trainers. How old are yours, and are they a bit on the worn side? If so it's an essential investment to get down to a proper running shop where they will assess the way you run and find the best shoe for you.

If that's not the case, I can't help!

Whoooooooseyfruit Tue 27-Oct-09 06:25:19

what MMH says.
you MUST go to a proper shop
and get a gait assessment. be prepared to spend a fair bit on your shoes, it's really worth it.
Good luck.

kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Tue 27-Oct-09 17:51:45

Thanks both. The trainers are not old, but not from a proper running shop. Will take your advice.

MonstrousMerryHenry Tue 27-Oct-09 22:02:17

I usually spend about £80 on my trainers and go "gulp!" every time I hand over the cash. But then that's the equivalent of a year's gym membership for £80 and it is ESSENTIAL!

Hope your knees sort themselves out soon. good luck!

ib Tue 27-Oct-09 22:09:15

I found the trainers were important, but when I was getting it again with brand new asics I thought it had to be something else.

I googled it and found that apparently it's quite common in women who run - and it's to do with having the muscle which runs down the outside of your thigh too tight.

The good news is that a minute of stretching that muscle a day sorted it out for good. The way I did the stretch was to sit on floor, back straight, soles of feet touching each other at about the distance from my hips that my head would be if I could touch the floor with it (iyswim). Keeping back straight lean forward.

fridayschild Fri 30-Oct-09 13:38:43

The muscle is called the ITB. Google some searches for it, or look on runners' world. As IB says, it's very common.

I have BUPA cover through work and used that to get a physio for it, which was great.

kneedeepinthedirtylaundry Sat 31-Oct-09 17:23:50

Thanks all. Will try that exercise ib mentions. saving up for decent running shoes and looking for somewhere locally to buy them at the moment.

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