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Anyone else tried Body Combat or Body attack?

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tulip27 Wed 23-Sep-09 11:51:48

I have been going for the last month and I think I am addicted.

mustrunmore Wed 23-Sep-09 11:55:01

I do love them both, but only because they bring out a new version regularly. But then its annoying till I get used to it in combat, as I dont get much exercise until I've learnt the moves iyswim.
In all honesty though, I much prefer proper boxing to body combat in terms of a workout, and nothing is harder than the classes I used to do (instructor was a very close friend but we fell out sad)
Also, our gym only does one attack a week and 2 combats, whereas I'm used to doing two classes every day, so I'm also doing pump and spinning, which I dont like as much!

tulip27 Wed 23-Sep-09 12:09:52

I really want to try pump but our gym doesn't do it, what is it like? Know what you mean about learning the moves thou, they can be tricky. When you say boxing do you mean boxercise? Luckily we have combat or attack on every day so my husband has not seen much of me at all but I am finally loosing my 'mummy tummy'and have the start of a six pack.

mustrunmore Wed 23-Sep-09 12:14:12

No, proper boxing grin
I'll always have a fat tummy I think, even the gp said its a lost cause as so much of it is just skin from the weightloss sad

Pump is good cos you do need strength, and of cause it helps everything by raising your heartrate etc. But I think its main advantage is that its weight training without boredom,as the music keeps you going!!

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