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Swimming hats

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TrillianAstra Thu 10-Sep-09 14:20:26

Are they any good?

Do I need one?

Is there a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, materials, prices?

Is there any difference between one swimming hat and another?

<swam today and hair was icky>

TrillianAstra Thu 10-Sep-09 14:28:19


EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 10-Sep-09 14:30:36

i ahve one but it hurts to put it on and i look like a twat! i owuld like one with flowers on.

TrillianAstra Thu 10-Sep-09 14:46:23

I don't mind terribly looking like a twat while I swim, my speedo swimsuit does that already (ridiculously high legs, and 'streamlining' = boob-squashing)

I would mind if it hurt.

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Thu 10-Sep-09 14:51:06

do you have short hair? it just the putting on bit that seems to hurt.

TrillianAstra Thu 10-Sep-09 15:05:20

Long hair, otherwise I don't think I would need one - I can't get the tangles out afterwards.

NaughtyAlice Thu 10-Sep-09 15:07:42

You should definitely get one of those old lady ones that are covered in flowers, they are cool grin

gallery Thu 10-Sep-09 16:08:30

I have one-it is silver, I will look to see what the make is. I probably bought it off
I have long hair and a small head (the only small thing about me)- I could do with a smaller hat but that is just me. There is too much head space
On the plus, my hair does not get into my way when swimming and the quality of my hair is much better.
I used to use a boots swim hair mask as protection but hat definately better.
If you do find a good range let me know! I would like another. But the one I have does the job

TrillianAstra Fri 11-Sep-09 10:33:43

Any more thoughts/advice?

maize Mon 14-Sep-09 18:09:05

I struggle to keep mine on, it seems to pop off a lot which annoys me. So I use good shampoo and suck up the hair trashing.

sleepwhenidie Mon 14-Sep-09 18:14:14

people whose hats pop off, are you putting them on wet hair? IME that is the only way to make them stay on and avoid trashing...forget about keeping hair dry with one, it just doesn't work if you are swimming properly.

Zoggs and speedo both good - thin stretchy rubber ones though, not the thicker ones that have a kind of band around the edge, they are horrible to wear, kind of baggy i find!

maize Mon 14-Sep-09 19:51:57

Yes it goes on wet hair and my hair is a bob so not loads of hair. Bit weird and annoying really.

gallery Tue 15-Sep-09 17:39:37

my swim hat is aqua sphre- it is fine, just seems to have too much space for my head but then I find most hats too big. It is a nice fit on face and fine to put on. I have long fine hair. It came off once when I was swimming but I think I hadn't put it on properly. I am happy with it but sometimes long for a nicer looking hat but once I am in the pool I forget about looks!

branflake81 Fri 25-Sep-09 18:01:32

I started to wear one when I lived in France and they were compulsory. At first I felt stupid and odd but they are so much better I wear one all the time now. They stop your hair floating around into your mouth when you're doing crawl and make you more streamlined.

TrillianAstra Sat 26-Sep-09 12:33:40

Oh, just saw this.

So how do I pick one branflake? Are they all much of a muchness?

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