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running 10k some questions any experienced runners out there?

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mothersmilk Wed 09-Sep-09 16:24:27

im so glad i found this topic iv been here for months and hadnt a clue im a keen runner i run 5 nights a week approx 4 miles a night id love to get into some more competitive running and although its not strictly competetive there is a cancer research run coming up in 3 weeks in my area and im really keen to do it but its only three weeks away do you think i could do it?

MoshiMoshi Wed 09-Sep-09 19:38:32

Have you ever tried to run more than 4 miles as a 10K is approximately 2.2 more miles ie 50% more your usual distance. The usual rule of thumb in running is to limit your average weekly increase in distance by no more than 10% to avoid injuring yourself by suddenly overstressing your body. You run 5 x 4 miles a week so you could try the following:

Week 1
Run 1: 4.5 miles tempo
Run 2: 3 miles easy
Run 3: 4.5 miles fartlek
Run 4: 3/4 miles interval
Run 5: 5 miles easy
Total = 21 miles

Week 2
Run 1: 5 miles tempo
Run 2: 4 miles easy
Run 3: 5 miles fartlek
Run 4: 4 miles interval
Run 5: 5 miles easy
Total = 23 miles

Week 3 (just before race week so focus less on speed sessions and more on turning the legs over and looking to gain confidence at the race distance. Ideally you should taper your training to rest and be fresh before a race but you may feel better knowing it is a distance you can easily cover come race day!)
Run 1: 6 miles
Run 2: 3 miles
Run 3: 4/5 miles
Run 4: 6 miles
Run 5: 3/4 miles
Total = 25 miles

Obviously see how your body feels each time you run as you should aim to arrive at the start line on rest day feeling confident and with enough energy to enjoy running the race and finishing it comfortably!

pleasedeletemeletmego Wed 09-Sep-09 20:10:02

I'm sure you'd manage it mothersmilk. As Moshi's schedule suggests, shorten a couple of your runs (but run them little faster) and lengthen a couple of your others you'll be fine. Good luck! smile

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