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Saturday football for kids (the kind run by dads) is 4.5 yrs too young?

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EldonAve Thu 03-Sep-09 12:50:23

I'm considering taking DS to Saturday football
Is 4.5 years too young?

EldonAve Thu 03-Sep-09 14:27:05


Lilyloo Thu 03-Sep-09 14:30:06

I started taking ds to a football class at a local leisure centre when he was 4.
These classes were suitable for different age groups.
He now goes to an outdoor team run by dads , imo i would try and find an indoor group to start off with given football is played through the winter and it get's very cold and wet for lo's. Never mind you stood on the sidelines!

EldonAve Thu 03-Sep-09 15:38:50

Good point about the cold but I was intending to send DH grin

Football classes here work out at over £9 a session (for 45 mins) whereas the team sub is only £30 for the year

NoahFence Thu 03-Sep-09 15:39:17


scoutandjem Thu 03-Sep-09 15:51:32

Nope - My DS1 started rugby when he was five (non contact) and DS2 who is four and two months has first rugby session this weekend. They soon tell you if they love it or hate it - obviously if hate it will stop and I always stay and offer support and snacks - two hour session!

cat64 Thu 03-Sep-09 16:07:00

Message withdrawn

EldonAve Thu 03-Sep-09 16:25:29

I don't think the lessons necessarily involve trained coaches - they are a franchise operation, but I do understand what you mean cat64

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