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Yoga - can someone talk to me about it

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Pennies Sun 30-Aug-09 06:11:11

I'm more of a sweat to get fit kind of person but am intrigued by yoga and I'm wondering what it could do for me?

I tried it once when pregnant but found it all a bit too spiritual for me (plus lots of huffing and puffing with heavily pregnant women which just gave me the giggles).

I'm thinking though that if it helps to give me tone and definition then it might be worth another shot.

What types do what to you and can anyone recommend a good DVD that I might be able to get started with pls.

girlsyearapart Sun 30-Aug-09 06:23:13

Morning I prefer the sweating kind of exercise too.
Have tried yoga but couldn't really manage a whole class as found I got a bit bored tbh. Also made me giggle.
Pilates seemed more 'interesting'.
After going with a friend though I do Body Balance regularly which is a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. It's set to music and is more varied (and not spiritual and giggle inducing)so I'd have a look to see if any of your local centres offer it.I do it at the local YMCA where you can pay as you go. Perhaps similar near you?

snapple Sun 30-Aug-09 06:23:40

Try Katy Appleton.

I see yoga as a practice and have tried pregnancy yoga and agree that it seems like lots of huffing and puffing, and I have a giggle.

It is different from the yoga I used to do, which I sometimes still used to have a real giggle at (i'm no expert and am really inflexible and wondering if I can ever get back to doing yoga post pregnancy.....).

Good lick!

snapple Sun 30-Aug-09 06:23:59

I meant Good Luck!!

snapple Sun 30-Aug-09 06:25:33

Oh and just to add the yoga classes I went to always had some kind of background music on - I need some kind of music on.

I was always surprised at how quickly the hour or so went by and how I finished class totally chilled out.

lavenderbongo Sun 30-Aug-09 07:12:53

I have been doing Yoga for quite a few years and absolutely love it. I started after dd1 as i wanted to tone up and now do it every day with an hour and a half lesson once a week.

If you do it properly it is actually very strenuous and you really feel like you have had a good work out afterwards.

My Mum has been doing it since she was a child as she uses it to help control her asthma. It can teach you to control your breathing and some people believe improve your lung capacity. I just do it because it makes me feel good.

I started using an earlier version of Barbara Curries DVD this one. I think its fairly good, but I would recommend going to a good yoga class as well.


inVlanderen Wed 16-Sep-09 18:58:36

Yoga has given me fabulous muscle tone on a few different parts of my body and given me my waist back. I look much slimmer.

It gives me an hour peace and quiet to myself when baby is asleep and completely recharges my batteries in a way nothing else does.

It helps me sleep in a very restful way and to drop off very quickly.

I love yoga.

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