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Kayaking capsize phobia, help?

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PixiNanny Tue 25-Aug-09 20:33:17

I've been kayaking for 6/7 years now from the age of 13 and was fine with capsizing for a few years. I had a (old style) 3 star assessment when I was 16 and managed it was on a really cold day so was wearing a huge cag, BA and the lake I was in (Alton waters) was over run with over grown reeds. So needless to say I got a bit claustrophobic with it and failed my three star after failing to do a eskimo rescue.

I've been fine with going upside down in pools since then though but am screwed over whenever it comes to capsizing on a lake. Managed to get out of capsizing all of last season working for PGL (as a kayak instructor, funnily enough!) and they rigged my level one assessment somewhat to make it easier for me to pass (a trusted coach stood next to my boat at the eskimo part).

I done most of my three star (new system, kayak flat water) last Sunday, but to pass I'll need to do the capsize manouvers this Sunday and have no idea if I'll be able too. We'll be at a whitewater centre so I'm going to be getting wet if I go on! I really want to try, but I have panic attacks just thinking about capsizing! Any idea how to get over this? I've avoided it for so long but know that I need to get over it as I want to do my TL2 next year and to actually be able to coach kayaking (going back to PGL, only canoes at my centre Jan-June, then maybe kayaks afterwards) without the fear of capsizing and panicking in front of kids! I can't even give up kayaking for canoeing as I need it to get higher coaching qualifications! Ideas?

PixiNanny Tue 25-Aug-09 20:34:29

Oh, should add that I've tried the usual "head under water holding breath" things and it hasn't helped! I'm fine swimming in lakes and capsizing in pools, but lakes/rivers/sea and capsizing just don't mix for me!

PurpleFrog Mon 14-Sep-09 14:18:20

I was about to reply, but realised from the date of the posting that you will already have done it. How did you get on?

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