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How do I stop getting backache after swimming?

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geraldinetheluckygoat Mon 03-Aug-09 09:03:52

I've recently got back into swimming after not having been for aobut five or six years. I've never been a hardcore swimmer or anything, but usually do between 50 and 70 lengths breastroke each time. I am loving going, but I'm finding that my lower back is really starting to be sore after going ,especially if I do closer to 70 lengths.
Are there ways I can avoid this? Is it because Im doing breaststroke? I do swim putting my head under and then back up again to breathe rather than out of the water all the time. I cycle to the pool, should I be doing more to warm up before I get in the pool though?
I would like to do front crawl, as I think it would be easier on my back and would keep me fitter, but Im not sure how to do it and am embarrassed to start trying to figure it out when I'm in the pool!! If I alternate between front crawl and breaststroke, will this help with the back pain?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

mimsum Tue 04-Aug-09 12:53:54

it's cos you're doing breaststroke I'm afraid - you should really mix the strokes up a bit more as each of them works different muscles

there's no shame in getting swimming lessons - especially as you can already swim, you'll pick up front crawl in no time - ask at the pool for names of teachers who take lessons there and you'll probably only need two or three before you get it cracked

don't forget backstroke too - if you do some front crawl, some backstroke and some breaststroke you'll be getting a good workout

fwiw, my son's a competitive swimmer and they would never do 70 lengths of breaststroke in one go as it's too hard on your knees, as well as your back

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