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Where can I buy a bottom-covering running top?

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InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 11:48:07

Just started jogging, most running tops are quite tight and stop at the waist. My bottom is not the most toned grin and has an unpleasant tendency to wobble when running.

My instinct is to wear a big baggy T shirt to cover everything, but these tend to be quite heavy and aren't the most breathable.

Anyone else been in this situation? What did you buy?


Lancelottie Mon 06-Jul-09 11:57:14

I have a nice fitted longsleeved top just for the purpose of tying round my midriff so it flaps down over the offending area.

Not v stylish, me...

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 11:58:52

Oooh, good thinking. No style here, looking for purely practical solutions!

LyraSilvertongue Mon 06-Jul-09 11:59:03

I need one too, for wearing to the gym. I searched the racks in Sportsworld for ages but couldn't find anything bum-covering.

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 12:02:14

"They" seem to assume that everyone going to the gym/doing exercise is already fit and lithe. There must be a shop somewhere selling stuff for unfit out-of-shape couch potatoes who have good intentions wink

lulalullabye Mon 06-Jul-09 13:16:03

I have a nike drifit one that has a longer bit at the back the covers your bum smile

Twink Mon 06-Jul-09 13:31:36

I don't work for them (!) but have recently had an email from Less Bounce featuring these which may help!

In the days before I looked like a gym-goer, I used to get my stuff from Next Directory as they did big sizes and there was no risk of getting stuck in something in a changing room...

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 14:06:01

If I were to wear those tights Twink, I would need a knee-length running top to cover the mass that is my thighs. Wobbling or not, they need covering! wink
God, I conjure up a wonderful image of myself, don't I?

Lula, I will check out the Nike top

PlasticQueen Mon 06-Jul-09 14:26:38

I have very wobby bum and thighs, but the running tights hold them in place. I wish I could wear them all the time.

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 14:35:57

Do you wear something over the top of them or is that it? scared of running in tights!

JackBauer Mon 06-Jul-09 14:37:58

Sainsbury's Tu range are good, I got sleeveless tops that stay on my bum for 3 quid and t shirts for 3.50 that are perfect length too.
Also their 'beautiful basics' trackie bottoms are pretty comfy. and a fivergrin

(not advertising, but afetr spending 85 quid on trainers I wanted to recoup the money somewhere...

PlasticQueen Mon 06-Jul-09 14:40:34

Honestly I look a lot slimmer in the tights than baggier stuff with long top. I just wear a normal fitted top.

The tights kind of squish me into place and hold me there. They stop the painful and embarassing slap/flapping of saggy bottom and thighs too.

Try some - size up though, they are teeny.

OrmIrian Mon 06-Jul-09 14:41:00

zen - please don't worry. I used to fret about what I looked like. Until one day I stopped off in Morrisons to use the loo and saw myself in the mirror! Bright red blotchy face, hair all over the place, sweat patches everywhere.... the size of my arse was totally irrelevant grin

Makingchanges Mon 06-Jul-09 14:44:44

i have a nike drifit top as well - got it from jjb and it covers my tum and bum so a good length

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 16:09:12

OrmIrian grin definitely have that going on here, too!

Jack - will check out Sains, thanks, sounds good

Plastic - you may be convincing me.....

InTheZenGarden Mon 06-Jul-09 16:13:21

Makingchanges - will check out JJB if Sainsbury's don't have anything suitable

LyraSilvertongue Mon 06-Jul-09 16:42:13

I'll be trying JJB too. Thanks for the tip.

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Mon 06-Jul-09 18:12:06

Well done inthezen - you will be itching to get out again by tomorrow but remember to abide by your rest days. W6r3 repeat for me tonight so back to 25 mins straight off though if im still feeling perky (v unlikely ) i will go for the 28 which is were i got up to before ankle trouble. It is thunder and lightening atm though so i might never get out. I treat myself to a new vest to run in today though and some flowery running shorts grin

Nappyzoneisabeetrootrunner Mon 06-Jul-09 20:34:34

i went to sports direct today and got an adidas sports running vest today - it is long enough to voer half my ass and my crotch a bit - it has side slits to alow for my ermm wide hips. It was bargonous at £4.99. sorry i posted to you on the wrong thread as well in case that confused ya grin

LyraSilvertongue Wed 08-Jul-09 22:31:01

I bought a sport top made by Casall today from John Lewis, reduced from £40 shock (who spends that on sports wear?) to £19.50 Its long and has flaps so even more butt-concealing.

InTheZenGarden Sat 11-Jul-09 11:31:20

I was in Up and Running yesterday buying trainers and found a long running vest, made by NRG, £22 reduced to £5 Shame the trainers cost £75!

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