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power plates - what do you think of them?

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Clure Wed 17-Jun-09 22:46:24

I've just been to my gym and had an induction on how to use the power plates which have just been installed there.

The instructor was very thorough and demonstrated set up and got me doing some of the many exercises that you can do on them. At one point he turned up the "amplitude" (think thats what it was) to HIGH and I very nearly took a tumble off!!
Anyway I'd be interested to hear of your experiences

Clure Thu 18-Jun-09 09:20:04


Onlyaphase Mon 29-Jun-09 19:52:25

I think the key to Powerplate is that you must have the posture correct each time, else you won't achieve anything. If you follow the exercises properly, then Powerplate is fab, really good for targetting muscles in odd places

I had my first go on one a while ago, and really felt it in my abs the next day. And they are great for massage and relaxation as well.

The best thing is that you only need a few minutes on one, vital if like me, you like yoga and pilates just don't have 60 minutes to attend classes every week.

tatt Wed 01-Jul-09 08:15:44

My cheapo version broke after 3 weeks. That was too soon to say if it had much impact but I have been thinking of getting another. If there was a gym nearby I would certainly try it for longer. It seems to ease your muscles when you are exercisisng hard.

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