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Bike riding with DD on back, riding when PG, and can riding help my belly?

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GoodWitchGlinda Thu 11-Jun-09 11:20:50

Ok, lots of Qs for one thread, but they are all related and I do like to multitask smile

Q1: Just got a mountain bike, bit new to it, but not too wobbly. DD is 2.3y, I am 5ft 2, slimish but not a weed - I want to take her on the back of the bike with me. Anyone do this and how easy/hard/dangerous is it? I'm a bit nervous of the getting on and off and worried about dropping her!

Q2: Planning DC2 ASAP, so will I still be able to ride the bike when I am up the duff? Is that considered dangerous? Not talking mountain terrain, just round the block and such. Probably not with DD on the back, that might be a little too much to handle!

Q3: I have always suffered with fat on my waist (can't blame the DD, it was there before wink). With small child and a dog to walk daily, my arms and legs are in pretty good shape, but belly is humungous, will cycling help?

Thanks MNers!

Cosmosis Thu 11-Jun-09 16:36:44

Have never ridden with a child on the bike as no dcs yet but can answer your other qs. Yes, you can ride while pg, as long as you are careful obviously - all the usual things about not working too hard etc.

Re the waistline, cycling will help in that it should get you a bit fitter and maybe lose some pounds, but it won't help in any way with toning I'm afraid.

GoodWitchGlinda Thu 11-Jun-09 18:00:36

Thanks! Thought as much re the waistline sad - I guess there is just no escaping the sit-up wink

ohforaman Sun 14-Jun-09 20:30:43

Actually should really help with the Abs, especially if you have it in a tough gear.

I've been riding for years and definitely improved my stomach muscles, had 3 kids and rode throughout all my pregnancies.

Go for it!

Clure Sun 14-Jun-09 20:45:27

cycling will help tone your arms and legs deffo.

I always felt nervous about a seat on back of bike and so opted for a trailer which is a bit more stable. Bough it for £30 from a freind and child can travel in there up to about 5/6years plus you can dump all your bags in there with them too!

I cycled up till I was 6 months preg then my bump got in the way and it was too uncomfortable. Get used to some disapproving looks but go for it!!

Good luck

gigglewitch Sun 14-Jun-09 20:50:20

hello fellow witch grin

I rode til about 7mo pg (small bumps y'see) with all of mine - and obv with 2 & 3 I often had the older sib on the back of my bike in the seat - which I did pull in quite close to my bike saddle, as it's adjustable - helped the weight distribution and centre of gravity. omg does that make any sense hmm

Cycling is good for your overall fitness and will tone your body generally, esp quads and all leg muscles smile
Thing is, if you feel too hot, stop. and drink plenty water whilst you do it.

NoTart Sun 14-Jun-09 20:59:53

I cycle a lot, up to and including cycling to my last appointments at hospital before dc were born. The doctors approved ; ) Having said this I only travelled short distances, and very slowly.

The child bike seats are just fine, you adjust fast.. I had an extra double stand at one point but it didn´t particularly help, and broke quite quickly..

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